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Storage of solar energy by geothermal energy

Geothermal storage of solar energy

DualSun offers a geothermal solar energy storage solution. This storage is possible thanks to the combination of the Spring hybrid solar panel, a geothermal probe and heat pumps.

Storing solar energy on the ground thanks to geothermal energy

Generate, store, and value energy in one unique system. The buildings are thus heated and cooled all throughout the year with a solution that is both competitive and environmental.
DualSun values ​​locally available renewable energies, such as solar energy, and uses the subsoil as thermal storage.
This solar energy storage system from geothermal hybrid panels is applicable to new buildings as well as renovations.


How it works

Geothermal allows to have a source of heat that is always positive for the heat pump.  We work to optimize the heat need side (low-temperature heating, instantaneous hot water at 45°C) in order to design an extremely efficient system, even in the winter months.  We can make a huge step towards energy independence with very low operating costs.


In the summer months, the DualSun panels generate hot water for the building and the surplus solar energy is stored in the ground to be used during the winter months. The heated water stored in the ground then passes through a heat pump to provide hot water to the building. 

The heat that is extracted from the ground during the winter months is thus regenerated during the summer months with the surplus heat of the solar panels. The ground is not affected and conserves its thermal equilibrium throughout the seasons.


The DualSun panels are a key element of the system, they not only provide heat that is stored in the ground, but they also generate electricity to cover the electric needs of the heat pump.

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