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The manufacturing and recycling of the DualSun Spring hybrid solar

Our commitments towards quality and environment



- the solar panel Made in France

the solar panel Made in France

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The solar SPRING® panel was developed by our team of engineers based in Marseille, under the bright sun of the Provence region and manufactured in our factory close to Lyon. We are proud that the assembling of the panel is conducted exclusively in France in a ISO 9001 certified manufacturing site.

Due to its unique design combining photovoltaic and thermal components, and protected by multiple international patents, the SPRING® panel is specifically designed for making buildings more energy self-sufficient.

DualSun was labelled in 2020 by the French government as “Vitrine Industrie du Futur” and by EuPD Research Energy in 2021 & 2022 as “TOP BRAND PV”.

Exceptional warranties

We apply rigor and detailed attention to the selection of materials as well as the robustness of our production lines in order to propose the most reliable product for your project.

SPRING® and FLASH® has a photovoltaic performance warranty ensuring that their efficiency will not decrease below 80% over 25 years.

Our panels thus have an excellent product lifetime cycle, which we have been able to prove thanks to accelerated ageing tests carried out at TÜV Rheinland in Germany.






A strong gesture for the climate

At DualSun, access to low-carbon energy is at the core of our research and development. We are proud that the hybrid panel obtained the “Equivalent Carbone Simplifié” (ECS) certificate which measures the amount of CO2 emitted in the manufacturing process of the panel, and obtained an excellent score compared to other panels on the market.

It takes approximately 1-3 years, depending on the amount of sunshine the panel receives, in order to produce as much energy as was needed to manufacture the panel.

With a warranted photovoltaic production of 25 years and a product lifecycle that can largely go beyond 30 years, the DualSun SPRING® panel is an extremely simple and effective solution to reduce carbon emissions.

Recycling of solar panels

94,70% recycling

Committed to a circular economy approach, the DualSun company has designed the SPRING® panel in order to maximize its capacity to be recycled.

DualSun is a member of SOREN, a European organization specialized in the management and recycling of used photovoltaic panels. Each FLASH® panel and SPRING® panel includes an eco-participation fee which covers the cost of managing the panels at the end of their lifecycle.

The heat exchanger of the DualSun SPRING® panel is composed of a polypropylene material, a material that is easily recyclable and reusable in industry.

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