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Photovoltaic panel Flash AC



DualSun's all-in-one solar panel FLASH AC® de DualSun is designed to make photovoltaic solar energy ever more accessible and Plug & Play for all self-consumption projects.

Premium Photovoltaic
  • High-performance monocrystalline cells
  • Positive classification -0/+5 Wp
  • Anti-reflective glass guarantees high performance even in diffused light

ENPHASE Micro Inverter IQ™7 pre-integrated
in the factory on the back of the FLASH® panel

Compatible with all Enphase IQ products
(Enphase Q cable, IQ Envoy gateway and Enphase Enlighten application)



- Photovoltaics Plug & Play

Photovoltaics Plug & Play

Easier installations

Fewer parts and fewer steps

Quicker installations

Saving time on the installation of products

Simplified logistics

Easy ordering and stock management

High quality installations

The quality of DualSun modules and Enphase micro inverters

Data sheet and certification:



25 years

  • 25 years photovoltaic yield warranty 

  • Warranty on DualSun panels up to 25 years
  • 25 years warranty on Enphase micro inverters IQ™7
    (Warranty Enphase)

Saving time

FLASH AC® are easier to install: No inverters to unpack and mount, no DC high-voltage connections to make, AC wiring, micro inverter fixed by clips on the module backsheet. The installation team saves time and improves the quality of its installations.

Simplified logistics

With only one part number to order, transport and install, AC modules save space in warehouses and trucks, produce less packaging waste and require fewer small parts.

Product quality

The FLASH AC® photovoltaic panel is manufactured according to very strict specifications and each production batch is systematically audited by a specialised third-party control office. FLASH®‘s high-efficiency monocrystalline cells and the care and quality we put into its design make it one of the most competitive panels on the market.

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