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Hybrid solar installation for a family on a house – Lyon area (FR)

Hybrid solar installation for a family on a house – Lyon area (FR)

Mr. Lardy is a technology enthusiast and stumbled upon DualSun while looking for a innovative solar solution for his house. He and Mrs. Lardy initially were looking at conventional PV solar panels but the project was not financially interesting for them. They then discovered DualSun and after some research, were impressed by the performance of the panels, and decided that DualSun was the right solution for their house. The DualSun panels provide about 50% of the Lardy family’s hot water needs, the rest of which is covered by a wood boiler. The electricity produced by the panels is re-injected back to the grid.

Technical Information

CharacteristicsFamily of 4 people
Number of solar panels6 DualSun hybrid panels + 6 photovoltaic panels
Power output3kWp + 2,24kWth
Roof installationInroof mounting (EASY ROOF), south-facing, 30° angle
Thermal system300L hot water tank with gas heater
Photovoltaic systemAll electricity is sent to the grid and sold for a feed-in tariff
Installation date

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