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House with 8 solar panels (4 hybrids) in the city centre – Perpignan (FR)

House with 8 solar panels (4 hybrids) in the city centre – Perpignan (FR)

For this couple in their thirties, solar panels were an obvious choice given the magnificent sunshine in the south. 300 days a year, what a gift!

Once they bought the house in 2017, they jumped at the opportunity to build an innovative solar installation. With the DualSun hybrid panels, they can now produce photovoltaic electricity and domestic hot water simultaneously.

Their choice was to resell the electricity to the grid and benefit from the 2018 photovoltaic feed-in tariff. Until now, they have been selling their electricity more expensively than they buy it.

Customer Testimonial

When they bought their house located in the center of Perpignan, they immediately thought of installing solar panels, but why DualSun panels?

“Because of the innovative technology that combines the production of hot water with the traditional production of electricity. Within the framework of a global renovation of our home, this choice made sense. We were well informed about this technology and we had full confidence in its potential as well as in the seriousness of the company.

For them, renewable energy is a subject that needs to be addressed: “It is about the future of our way of consuming, which is both economical and more environmentally friendly. Although they are not yet replacing traditional energy sources, they are an indispensable complement to them”. 

The installation went “perfectly well” in February 2018 “the installer was very competent and very diligent. He took the time to explain to us how the installations work. He took care of the legal steps with ENEDIS for the connection. He remained at our side after the installation to ensure the additional adjustments until the device works perfectly”.

Today, this magistrate and genealogist are “so far very satisfied. We are very happy to be able to have regular reports on the production via the dedicated website. Everything is working very well and we now have to get used to consuming electricity and hot water differently in order to take full advantage of the installation”.

Technical Information

CharacteristicsHouse for 2 people
Number of solar panels4 DualSun Spring Hybrid Solar Panels & 4 DualSun Flash Photovoltaic Panels
Power output2,24kWc + 1,62kWth
Roof installationOn-roof (Renusol system), south facing, 30° slope
Thermal system300L water balloon with electric resistance
Photovoltaic systemMicro-inverters Enphase, total electricity sales
Installation date

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