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Installation of hybrid solar panels for a campground – France

Installation of hybrid solar panels for a campground – France

This month we’re bringing you to the municipal camping of Pommiers supported by SIEL, the Energy Intercommunal Union of the Department of Loire (Syndicat Intercommunal des Énergies du département de la Loire) to achieve a successful energy renovation.

The camping focused on renewable energy and recently equipped itself with DualSun solar panels: they perfectly match with the high energy demand in the summer, when the production of solar energy is at its peak!

Pommiers en Forez is a peaceful place to produce hot water and electricity. This medieval village of the Loire department in France is set around a Benedictine monastery founded in the 9th century on a Roman site. Our DualSun panels are installed on the municipal campground that extends over 3 hectares.

2-in-1 DualSun solar panels and 12 Centrosolar “Vision” photovoltaic panels have been installed on a building that houses the toilets and showers of the campsite. The electricity generated by the 36 panels is sold to EDF. The 24 DualSun panels also produce 1500 liters of hot water per day, which allows 30 people to take showers at the same time.

With DualSun, no risk of overheating

The thermal application of our DualSun innovation is essential in this project. Again, the DualSun panels have demonstrated their advantages over other standard thermal panels. The stagnation temperature of the DualSun panels never reaches more than 75 ° C, completely avoiding the risk of overheating. This specificity DualSun panels cannot be neglected since it has made the difference on many projects.

For us, this installation at the Pommiers camping is very interesting. First, because this is the first time it happens. Second, because it allow us to be more familiar with a promising market. Finally, because our DualSun innovation is perfectly adapted for this kind of use. Indeed, in the camping the energy needed corresponds to the energy production. The energy needs during the day are important because that is when most activities are done. In addition, there are also more needs in the summer, time of the year where our panels produce the maximum of their capacity.

For the monitoring of the installation, it is the Enphase micro-inverters that have been installed and will measure the photovoltaic production. The Resol thermal monitoring acts as a complement: it collects the data supplied by them, we can know the exact need for sanitary hot water of the installation and therefore will be able to validate our hypothesis, that during the summer months, the amount of energy needed is almost covered.

If you want to take a few days of holiday and visit a PV-T DualSun installation, the camping at Pommiers would be happy to welcome you!

SIEL was attracted by DualSun because of the novelty of its concept, its performance and reliability. We hope to continue our collaboration with SIEL since it promotes the expansion of renewable energy, particularly in campings, where our innovative DualSun product fits perfectly.

Technical Information

CharacteristicsCampground with 84 lots
Number of solar panels24 DualSun hybrid panels + 12 photovoltaic panels
Power output9kWp + 8,98kWth
Roof installationInroof mounting, south-east facing, 25° angle
Thermal system1500L hot water tank with electric booster
Photovoltaic systemAll electricity is sent to the grid and sold for a feed-in tariff
Installation date

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