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Hybrid solar hot water and electricity for a house – Burgundy (FR)

Hybrid solar hot water and electricity for a house – Burgundy (FR)

After living in Turkey for 10 years, Mr. and Mrs Farré were looking for a house in France with a lot of green space, and it is in a small village in Burgundy where they decided to settle. They are both strong environmental advocates. Mrs. Farré created a blog in which she shares her experiences and advice on how to live in a more environmentally-friendly way, and Mr. Farré was recently trained by Al Gore to raise awareness of climate change among others.

Mr and Mrs Farré “live by example” to effectively make people aware of environmental causes. In addition to DualSun solar panels and a newly-installed wood stove, the Farrés invested in several other green projects around the home such as dry toilets and composting,to live in a more sustainable and autonomous way.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” they say, borrowing and living the words of Ghandi.

Technical Information

CharacteristicsFamily of 4 people
Number of solar panels6 DualSun hybrid panels + 4 photovoltaic panels
Power output 2,5kWp + 2,24kWth
Roof installationInroof mounting (EASY ROOF), south-facing, 30° angle
Thermal system300L hot water tank with electric booster
Photovoltaic systemAll electricity is sent to the grid and sold for a feed-in tariff
Installation date

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