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36 hybrid panels on a RT2012 residence – Toulouse (FR)

36 hybrid panels on a RT2012 residence – Toulouse (FR)

The developer GreenCity Immobilier completed construction of the Jardins du Parc residence in 2016. This new 4-storey white brick building with 31 apartments offers a breathtaking view of the Limayrac hill in Toulouse.

These housing units are designed to comply with the RT 2012. This thermal regulation aims to reduce the energy consumption of the buildings, thus limiting greenhouse gas emissions. The RT 2012 notably involves the implementation of at least one renewable energy system.

This is the heliopacsystem+® offer that works here. A novel collective solar water heater offer, via DualSun solar panels coupled with HELIOPAC heat pumps. This enables a solar coverage rate of 90% to be achieved. The residents of this beautiful building can benefit from fully renewable hot water!

The valuation of the technical solution in the RT 2012 calculation engine was achieved by obtaining a V operation title.

Energy autonomy

It is important to know that domestic hot water is the 1st item of energy consumption in a new building. It is therefore essential to find complete solutions based on renewable energies.

In this case, the residence is designed from the outset to reduce energy loss considerably thanks to highly efficient insulation solutions. For example, thermal insulation of the walls, floors on the garden level and ceilings on the top floor. But also low-E double glazing with Argon, which significantly reduces energy loss.

The air permeability of the building is linked to the very high level of airtightness certified by an independent body. Ventilation will be optimised thanks to the flow of incoming and outgoing air regulated according to the humidity level of the apartments, which reduces losses through air renewal.

Technical Information

Characteristics31 apartments
Number of solar panels36 DualSun hybrid solar panels
Power output9kWc + 13,46kWth
Roof installationOn-roof on metal support, south-facing, 45° inclination
Thermal systemHELIOPAC solar water/water heat pumps
Photovoltaic systemInverter 10kW, self-consumption of electricity with sale of surplus electricity
Installation date

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