Hybrid solar panels to replace an oil furnace – Valais (CH)

Hybrid solar panels to replace an oil furnace – Valais (CH)

Since moving into their house 20 years ago, the Bernard family has undertaken  numerous renovation projects to transform their home into a passive house.

The Bernards started by insulating the house and installing triple-glazed windows. They then replaced their fuel boiler by a natural gas boiler. Now, they have decided to install DualSun 2-in-1 panels to generate both electricity and hot water for their home!

Technical Information

CharacteristicsFamily of 7 people
Number of solar panels10 DualSun hybrid panels + 26 DualSun photovoltaic panels
Power output9kWp + 3,74kWth
Roof installationOnroof mounting (K2 system)
Thermal system500L hot water tank with gas boiler as booster (Viessmann)
Photovoltaic systemSelf-consumption of electricity generated
Installation date

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