Technical datasheet

FLASH 500 Half-Cut Glass-Glass TOPCon

✔ Double-glass and bi-facial panel:
- bi-facial aspect allows for an efficiency gain of +10%
- even for residential installations, this increased efficiency makes a difference!

✔ Maximal warranty: product warranty of 25+5 years and performance warranty of 87.4% at 30 years

✔ A technological innovation with TOPCon rectangular cells: minimum efficiency of 22.61% guaranteed

Sleek design: all-black panel with black aluminum frame
  • High Performance The FLASH product range was developed by our solar experts to combine the best high-performance solar cell technologies for maximum efficiency.
  • Low-carbon The FLASH panel releases less CO2 than a standard solar PV panel. The product range was designed to produce maximum electricity with minimum impact on the environment.
  • A commitment to quality Manufacturing takes place in carefully selected sites that are strictly audited with specifications designed by our expert engineers in Marseille, France.


  • IEC 61215 – 61730: PENDING
  • IEC 61701: PENDING

Perfectly fitted for all types of roof applications

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Efficiency & Performance

✔ N-type TOPCon monocrystalline cells.

✔Bi-facial panel for up to 30% extra power

✔ Compatible with all roof installation systems

Warranties & Quality

✔ 25-year product warranty + 5-year extension upon activation of warranty

✔ 30-year linear performance warranty

✔ Improved hailed resistance : RG3

✔ IEC Certifications

Technical Data

  • DS500-120M10TB-03
  • Publication  22 November 2023
  • Update 06 March 2024
  • Version : 1.0

Physical characteristics

  • Length 1950 mm
  • Width 1134 mm
  • Thickness 30 mm
  • Weight 27.1 kg
  • Front glass Thickness 2 mm
  • Max Positive Mechanical Load 5400 Pa
  • Max Negative Mechanical Load 2400 Pa
  • Cell technology Topcon
  • Cell Architecture Half-cut
  • Cell quantity 120
  • Cable Length 1,400 mm
  • Rear Side Color Transparent
  • Front Side Color Transparent

Photovoltaic characteristics

  • Nominal power 500 W
  • Power Tolerance 0/+3%
  • Module minimum Guaranteed Efficiency 22.61 %
  • Rated Voltage (Vmpp) at STC 36.87 V
  • Current at Maximum Power Point (Impp) at STC 13.56 A
  • Maximum System Voltage 1500 V
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Vco) at STC 44.22 V
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc) at STC 14.04 A
  • Voltage temperature coefficient (μIsc) -0.26 %/°C
  • Current temperature coefficient (μIsc) 0.038 %/°C
  • Power temperature coefficient (μPmpp) -0.31 %/°C
  • NMOT 45 +/-2 °C
  • Application Class II
  • Product Warranty 25 years

Conditions STC (AM 1,5 – 1000 W/m2 – 25°C)

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DualSun’s commitment to the energy transition

Our mission at DualSun is to reduce the carbon emissions and environmental impact of our buildings with high-performance, durable solar panels.

To achieve that mission, DualSun is guided by 3 core values: 

  • To continuously innovate in the ecodesign of our solar panels: by developing manufacturing solutions that reduce carbon emission and environmental impact
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