Individual and collective domestic hot water

Solar electricity and hot water for homes and buildings.

  • Up to 60% savings on your electricity AND hot water bills Protect yourself from rising energy prices and gain energy independence with dual energy production.
  • A strong commitment to the environment Reduce your carbon footprint with a 100% renewable energy to face the climate emergency.
  • Made in France Dualsun SPRING hybrid panels are designed and manufactured in France.

Solar electricity and hot water for your home

Dualsun’s ambition is to bring buildings closer to energy independence by supplying solar heat and electricity. We believe in the potential of local energy, produced and consumed on site.

In this regard, one of the possible applications of our SPRING panels is to generate solar hot water thanks to their heat exchanger on the back side. In addition, of course, to the photovoltaic electricity produced by the front side of the panels.

You benefit from free and renewable hot water.

How does the Dualsun solar water heating solution work?

In the solar water heating configuration, the SPRING panels produce twice as much energy (electricity and heat) as a standard photovoltaic panel.

Twice the energy,
twice the savings

On its front side, the SPRING panel produces electricity like a standard photovoltaic panel, and this electricity is either directly consumed in the building or injected and sold on the electrical grid.

Simultaneously, thanks to its heat exchanger on the back, the SPRING panel heats the water in your tank. 

More precisely, the solar hot water circulates in a closed loop between the SPRING panels and your hot water tank, generally located in the building on which the panels are installed. 

An intelligent controller triggers the circulation of water in the loop as soon as there is enough sunlight to provide calories to the hot water tank.

This solar hot water is “stored” in the tank and can then be consumed at any time of the day.

A SPRING panel installation will supplement the usual domestic water heating system, and with the dual production of electricity and hot water, you can save up to 60% on your bill.

Equipment kit for a Dualsun hot water installation

The equipment kit for a Dualsun hybrid solar water heater installation includes :

  • Dualsun SPRING hybrid panels and the necessary accessories (fittings, piping, fixtures)
  • A string inverter (or micro-inverters) to transform direct current into alternating current
  • A solar station to regulate the thermal system 
  • A solar storage tank (with a specific inlet/outlet for the solar circuit as well as an electrical or other backup system)

Dualsun SPRING panels: compatible with all major brands

Dualsun SPRING panels are compatible with many brands of conventional or thermodynamic hot water tanks, and water/water heat pumps for collective housing!