The n°1 hybrid solar panel Made in France that generates both electricity and hot water.
DualSun SPRING, le panneau solaire hybride 2-en-1 photovoltaïque thermique
  • 2-in-1, an (eco)logical innovation The perfect combination between photovoltaic and thermal solar energy to maximize production and optimize savings on your energy bill.
  • A durable and recyclable panel, Made in France SPRING panels are designed to last for decades and are 95% recyclable.
  • Simple and no-hassle installation and maintenance The SPRING panel is as easy to install as a standard photovoltaic panel thanks to standardized quick connectors and accessories.

The most efficient solar panel designed for homes and buildings

DualSun designs and manufactures the world’s first certified hybrid solar panel (PVT): the SPRING 2-in-1 panel.

By producing both electricity and hot water, the panel generates 2-4 times as much energy per square meter than a standard PV panel, making it the most efficient solar panel for buildings today.

1 solar panel, 2 energy sources

2-in-1 technology: How does a hybrid photovoltaic thermal panel (PVT) work?

A standard photovoltaic panel converts 20% of incoming solar light into electricity and the rest of the energy (80%) is lost as heat. In addition to being wasted, this heat is also detrimental to the solar panel’s photovoltaic efficiency, which drops when the panel rises in temperature.

With its 2-in-1 solar technology, the DualSun SPRING hybrid panel produces electricity on its front side, then recovers the extra energy to heat circulating water using an innovative heat exchanger on its back side.

The water flow in the exchanger has 2 benefits:

  • DualHeat: The water can reach a temperature of up to 70°C and can therefore be used to cover the building’s various heating needs.
  • DualBoost: The water also cools the photovoltaic cells and improves electricity output by 5 to 15% depending on usage.

A hybrid solar panel designed and manufactured in France

DualSun’s patented SPRING technology is developed by engineers in our research center in Marseille. DualSun also has a ISO:9001 manufacturing site located in the Ain region of France for:

  • the manufacturing of the SPRING heat exchangers and 
  • the assembly of the SPRING PV laminates and patented heat exchangers. 

The DualSun SPRING panels have an “IMF” certificate attesting that they are manufactured in France: FR-IMF-2019-198.

More than a hundred controls and checks guarantee the high quality of each DualSun SPRING hybrid panel that leaves our factory.


DualSun warranties: Enjoy your solar installation with peace of mind

SPRING hybrid solar panels are designed to last over time. That’s why DualSun offers some of the most reliable warranties on the market:

  • 10-year product warranty 
  • 25-year photovoltaic performance warranty
  • DualSun will take care of all labor costs in case of a defective product

Our panels have an excellent lifespan which we have been able to prove through accelerated aging tests performed at TÜV Rheinland in Germany.

An environmental and recyclable hybrid solar panel

We continuously innovate to reduce the carbon emissions and environmental impact of DualSun SPRING panels.

  • Ethical: DualSun is strongly committed to making its hybrid solar panels environmentally friendly.
  • Recyclable: DualSun carefully selects all manufacturing materials. As a result, the SPRING solar panel is nearly 95% recyclable!
  • Durable: the SPRING solar panel returns the energy needed for its manufacture in only 1 to 3 years. Its lifespan exceeds 30 years. 

Quick and simplified installation

DualSun has developed the DualQuickFit, an innovative hydraulic connector. With DualQuickFit, you connect the panels together simply by clipping the fittings together.

The result: less time needed to get the job done !

DualSun SPRING panel certifications


In 2013, DualSun’s SPRING panel was the 1st hybrid solar panel in the world to obtain the new Solar Keymark “hybrid solar” thermal certification. Today, all DualSun panels are certified according to the European IEC (for the photovoltaic part) and Solar Keymark (for the thermal part) standards. The panels are also CEC certified in Australia and UL listing (photovoltaic) and SRCC (thermal) certified in the USA.


SPRING on your rooftop

Do a free simulation today with MyDualSun to find the best solar installation adapted for your energy needs.

A connected solar panel

Intelligence is integrated into the DualSun SPRING panel.

DualSun engineers have developed a system to monitor both your electricity and your hot water production in real time on your computer or your smartphone. For the hot water, a temperature sensor is placed in the heat exchanger of the DualSun SPRING panel and connected to a control unit. This monitoring system also notifies you in case of an anomaly or defection. 

Frequent questions about the SPRING panel

  • Where are the hybrid DualSun SPRING panels manufactured?

    In France! Our DualSun SPRING hybrid solar panel (PVT) carries the Made in France label because it is proudly engineered and manufactured in France:

    • Our team of engineers is based in Marseille in the South of France.
    • Our factory is based in Jujurieux in the department of Ain. It is ISO 9001 certified to guarantee the outstanding quality of our products.

    The proximity of our branches allows us to ensure better control of our production line and limit transportation costs.

    Developing a high quality and eco-friendly product is our priority.


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  • What is the origin of photovoltaic laminates of DualSun SPRING and FLASH panels?

    The photovoltaic cells of the DualSun panels are manufactured and assembled in Asia.
    They are said to be “laminated”, i.e. hot pressed against the glass plate used in the front of the panels.

    The photovoltaic industry is evolving very quickly with the development of gigantic factories capable of producing several gigawatts (1 GW = 109 W) of solar photovoltaic panels per year.


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  • Can DualSun panels be recycled?

    Yes!  Thanks to SOREN (former PV CYCLE), DualSun panels are 94,7% recyclable.

    DualSun panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years. What happens to the panels once they have reached the end of their lifetime, or how do we manage broken or defective panels? DualSun panels are recycled via SOREN, the first worldwide take-back and recycling scheme for photovoltaic module waste. The cost of recycling is included in the initial price of the panel as an “eco-participation” cost.

    Solar power deployment took off 10 years ago, thus major recycling needs will be necessary in 10-15 years from now. However, the industry is already prepared – both technically and financially.


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