Technical documents

Quick access to datasheets, installation memos and all other technical documents regarding DualSun products.

Panel datasheets & certifications

SPRING: Datasheets & certifications


SPRING 425 Shingle Black

FLASH: Datasheets & certifications

FLASH 450 Half-Cut Glass-Glass TOPCon

FLASH 500 Half-Cut Glass-Glass TOPCon

FLASH 500 Half-Cut Black

FLASH 425 Shingle Black

FLASH 425 Half-Cut Glass-Glass TOPCon

FLASH 415 Half-Cut White

FLASH 410 Half-Cut Glass Glass

FLASH 380 Half-Cut White

FLASH 375 Half-Cut Black

Previous references

Here-below you will find the list of previous references of Dualsun panels and the associated technical files. For further information, please contact us.

SPRING 400 Shingle Black

SPRING 375 Shingle Black

FLASH 410 Half-Cut White

FLASH 400 Shingle Black

FLASH 375 Shingle Black

FLASH 405 Half-Cut White

FLASH 375 Half-Cut White

SPRING 315 Black

SPRING 300-310 Black

WAVE 280 Black

SPRING 280 Black

FLASH AC 300 Black

FLASH 320 Black

FLASH 310 Black

FLASH 300 Black

FLASH 280 Black

FLASH 370 Half-Cut Grey

FLASH 360 Half-Cut Grey

FLASH 320 Grey

FLASH 300 Grey

Installation manuals & quick guides

SPRING : Installation manuals, quick guides & accessories

SPRING4: Installation manuals & quick guides (memos)

SPRING4 : Fitting and connections

SPRING3: Installation manuals & quick guides (memos) – global, pressurized systems & pool systems

SPRING: Accessories (T-Box, solar pump station, solar controller)

FLASH: Installation manual

FLASH: Installation, operation and maintenance manual

Packaging and transport

Manuals for shipping