DualSun awarded the Top Brand PV 2022 label for the second year in a row

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DualSun has once again been awarded with the Top Brand PV 2022 label in the French panel category by the German Institute EUPD Research. This prestigious award confirms DualSun’s position as one of the best solar panel brands available on the market. It also recognizes DualSun’s French expertise since its creation in 2010.

DualSun top brand 2021 2022

EUPD Research, the number one institution for high quality market research

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The Top Brand PV certification is one of the most prestigious in the international solar industry. Synonymous with reliability and trust, this label is recognized by the entire photovoltaic industry. Obtaining this recognition validates the quality of DualSun’s photovoltaic modules.

A reference methodology

The Top Brand PV 2022 label is the result of an independent evaluation. It is awarded to companies that receive excellent feedback and very positive evaluations in EUPD Research’s Global PV Installer Monitor. The survey compiles the opinions of active solar installers in leading solar markets.

In France, the results of this promotion are based on the analysis of data collected from 100 PV installers in the country in the second half of 2021.

jerome mouterde speakingAccording to Jérôme Mouterde, CEO and founder of DualSun : “Obtaining the Top Brand PV 2022 label for the second year is a reward for the hard work carried out by the DualSun team to develop the quality of our solar panels and have them recognized by our first partners, the installers. The quality of the material is essential to support the now more than necessary shift towards non-carbon energy consumption.

  • About EUPD Research

EUPD Research is an internationally renowned research institute. For 20 years, it has been an expert in providing primary data-based research and consulting services to national and international markets. Since its inception, EUPD Research has developed innovative and integrated solutions for companies focused on sustainability. Its areas of expertise are technology sectors such as photovoltaics, energy storage, heat pumps and electric mobility, but also the corporate health sector.

  • About DualSun

Founded in 2010 by two engineers from the École Centrale Paris: Jérôme Mouterde and Laetitia Brottier, DualSun is the designer of the world’s first “Made in France” certified hybrid solar panel. This 2-in-1 panel produces both electricity and hot water. It is designed by a team of engineers based in Marseille and manufactured in a dedicated factory labeled as a Vitrine Industrie du Futur in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. DualSun is a fast-growing company that is expanding in France and internationally: in Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Switzerland) and in Asia (Australia and Hong Kong), DualSun’s technology is triple-labeled French Tech (French Fab, French Green Tech and French Green20). On a daily basis, DualSun is committed to developing local ecological solutions to increase the energy autonomy of buildings, reduce their carbon footprint and meet all their energy needs in a renewable way. The company has completed more than 4,200 installations worldwide since 2014 (single-family homes and multifamily buildings). Close to its customers and installers, DualSun has also developed MyDualSun, a simple and quick simulator that allows for a complete project study.

Discover DualSun on dualsun.com

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