Solar space heating with DualSun

Meet your electricity and heating needs by combining SPRING hybrid solar panels with a heat pump or other heat system.

Renewable heating with DualSun

Heating represents 70% energy consumption in our homes and buildings. This can weigh heavily not only on your pocket, but also on the planet as building heating is often powered by fossil fuels.

One of the possible solutions of our SPRING panels is to supply heat and electricity to water/water heat pumps (PAC) often used in geothermal energy. 

This solution is particularly efficient in winter and also in cold regions because it works at low temperature, and it allows you to drastically reduce your heating bill thanks to a combination of renewable energies!

Do you have another heating system? Don’t panic, SPRING panels are compatible with different existing heating systems. 


How does the DualSun solar heating solution work?

In the solar heating configuration, the SPRING panel produces up to 15% more electricity and 4 times more overall energy (electricity and heat) than a standard photovoltaic panel.

Heat production

A water-to-water heat pump operates with two water circuits and the DualSun SPRING panels heat the water in the heat pump’s primary circuit.

This energy transfer works as soon as there is a temperature difference between the outside air and the water in the panels, which can happen on sunny days as well as at night or during bad weather. This characteristic of the system allows a very regular performance throughout the year and is superior to classic solar thermal system. 

Electricity production

On the photovoltaic side, DualSun SPRING panels produce electricity that can be either consumed in the home or building to power the heat pumps (or other appliances) or injected into the grid.

Did you know that above 25°C, the electricity production of the photovoltaic panels decreases by 0.5% with each degree?

When SPRING panels are coupled with a heat pump, the excellent heat exchange between the photovoltaic cells and the heat exchanger of the SPRING solar panel allows the cells to operate at a lower temperature than simple photovoltaic panels, and therefore at a higher efficiency. The electricity production is improved by 10 to 15%!

We observe energy production (heat + electricity) per panel that is on average 4 times higher than a conventional photovoltaic panel!

DualSun SPRING panels are compatible with all major brands

DualSun SPRING panels are compatible with many heating systems: air-to-water heat pumps, water-to-water heat pumps or wood pellet boilers. There is bound to be a solution for your project!