Heating with heat pump

Meet your electricity and heating needs by combining SPRING hybrid solar panels with a heat pump or other heat system.

  • Significant savings Save up to 90% on your overall energy bill (including hot water, electricity and heating) from the first year of installation.
  • High performance The system energetical performance is on average 1.2 times higher than a traditional air-to-water heat pump heating solution.
  • A sustainable system A solar-thermal heat pump is a sustainable system, avoiding 6 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year/per building by replacing your gas or oil-fired boiler.

Renewable heating with DualSun

Heating accounts for 70% of household energy consumption. It’s a major cost, but also a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, as heating is still too often fuelled by fossil fuels.

Our DualSun SPRING hybrid panels can supply your building with heat and electricity: 

  • heating your premises using solar energy by connecting them to a heat pump 
  • or by upgrading your heat pump with geothermal energy

These solutions are particularly effective in winter, especially in Nordic countries and Canada, because they operate at low temperatures. They enable you to drastically reduce your heating bill thanks to the right combination of renewable energies.


How does the DualSun solar heating solution work with a heat pump?

Your solar heating installation is composed of:

  • DualSun SPRING hybrid panels and thermal accessories
  • A water-to-water heat pump: this is exactly the same as a geothermal or hydrothermal heat pump, but the energy comes from the hybrid panels, not from the ground.

There is no need for an outdoor unit. This allows for less noise pollution than with an air-to-water heat pump, and no front-mounted equipment is required.

stockage solaire dualsun

Heat production

A water-to-water heat pump operates with two water circuits. The SPRING panels heat the water in the heat pump’s primary circuit.

  • SPRING panels recover heat from the sun and ambient air, which is transferred to the water circuit at the back of the panel to power your heat pump.
  • You can produce just as much on sunny days as at night or in bad weather! The panels recover heat from the air even at low temperatures: all it takes is a few degrees’ difference between the ambient air and the water circuit at the back of the panels.

Electricity production

On the photovoltaic side, DualSun SPRING panels produce electricity that can either be consumed in the building to power the heat pumps (or other appliances), or fed into the grid and sold on.

When SPRING DualSun panels are coupled with a heat pump, the very good heat exchange between the photovoltaic cells and the heat exchanger of the SPRING hybrid solar panel means that the cells operate at a lower temperature than simple photovoltaic panels, and therefore at a higher efficiency. 

As a result, electricity production is improved by 10%, and with thermal production, the panel produces on average 4 times more energy than a conventional photovoltaic panel.

Discover our ground source solar storage solution

If you already have geothermal boreholes for your heat pump: find out how you can upgrade your system with hybrid panels.


DualSun SPRING panels are compatible with all major brands

DualSun SPRING panels are compatible with many heating systems: air-to-water heat pumps, water-to-water heat pumps or wood pellet boilers. There is bound to be a solution for your project!