Photovoltaic electricity

Generate and consume your own electricity with DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels

  • Save up to 60% on your electricity bill Protect yourself from rising energy prices and gain energy independence
  • A commitment to the environment Reduce your carbon footprint to face the climate emergency
  • High-quality photovoltaic panels FLASH panels are designed to be durable, aesthetic and low-carbon with exceptional 30-year warranties

Renewable energy production with DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels

In the current context of soaring energy prices and climate emergency, more and more households and buildings are installing solar panels.

DualSun offers FLASH panels, a range of photovoltaic panels focused on quality and performance, for any type of photovoltaic project, either for self-consumption or for injection and sale on the electrical grid.


How does a DualSun photovoltaic system work?

The electrical production of the FLASH photovoltaic panels is either directly consumed within the home or building (“self-consumption”), or injected and sold on the electrical grid.

For a self-consumption installation, if there is a surplus of electricity produced, it can also be injected and sold on the electrical grid or stored in batteries.

The installation of FLASH photovoltaic panels is simple and can be done in one or a few days depending on the size and complexity of the project. 

Once installed, the photovoltaic panels will produce free and 100% renewable electricity for over 25 years!


The equipment for a FLASH installation

The equipment needed for a DualSun FLASH photovoltaic system includes:

  • DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels and electrical cables for connect the panels
  • A mounting system to fix the panels on a roof (or other)
  • A string inverter (or micro-inverters) to transform the direct current into alternating current, which is connected to your electricity meter
  • An AC or AC/DC protection box 
  • A monitoring system to follow your electrical production in real-time
  • Storage option: batteries allow you to store electricity for later consumption

Photovoltaics: the first step towards energy independence

Photovoltaics is a quick and easy way to save money, gain energy autonomy and reduce your environmental impact.

To go even further, check out our other solutions that combine both electricity production AND solar hot water with DualSun SPRING hybrid panels : 

DualSun FLASH panels at the football stadium, Parc des Princes

In 2020, 48 photovoltaic FLASH panels were installed at the Parc des Princes in Paris for the central kitchen of the stadium. See the video: