Pool heating

The zero energy swimming pool with DualSun SPRING hybrid panels

  • More comfort, more time in the water Extend your swimming season without increasing your bill
  • 3x more energy In the pool heating configuration, SPRING panels produce three times more energy than a standard photovoltaic panel
  • More free electricity With the solar pool solution, SPRING panels produce up to 15% more electricity thanks to the high cooling of the photovoltaic cells

Solar electricity and hot water to meet the energy needs of swimming pools

With SPRING hybrid solar panels, you can cover all the energy needs of your pool.

The front side of the SPRING panel produces electricity to power the electrical devices needed to operate the pool and the back side of the panel produces hot water to heat your pool.

In the pool heating configuration, the SPRING panel produces three times more energy than a standard photovoltaic installation for the same surface area.

With DualSun, more comfort and more time in the water!


How does the DualSun solar pool solution work?

In the pool heating configuration, the SPRING panels produce up to 15% more electricity and 3 times more overall energy (electricity and heat) than a standard photovoltaic panel.

Hot water production

The SPRING panels heat the water of your pool. The pool water flows directly through the heat exchangers of the DualSun panels to be heated and then the heated water is discharged into the pool.

Do you already have a heating system for your swimming pool? Thanks to the SPRING panels, the energy consumption of your existing system will be drastically reduced. Moreover, the lifespan of your existing system will increase and maintenance is reduced!

To go a bit further in detail, solar thermal panels produce maximum energy when:

  • they operate at “low temperature” between 25-30°C – the temperature range of swimming pools!
  • there is a high need for hot water. For example, if a hot water tank is fully heated, there is no need for additional heat, so the circulation stops and the panels stop producing hot water. But for a swimming pool, the energy needs are very important and the circulation rarely stops and the panels produce more energy!

For pool heating, DualSun Spring panels offer excellent thermal performance due to the pool’s large stock of low-temperature water: more energy needs, more heat production!

Electricity production

With SPRING panels, you can eliminate 100% of your pool’s electricity needs, especially for the various pump, filtration and lighting systems.

On sunny days with excess electricity generated, part of that electricity can be sold to the grid.

Did you know that above 25°C, the electrical production of the photovoltaic panels decreases by 0.5% with each degree?

With a SPRING panel installation, thanks to the water circulation behind the cells, the panels are cooled and produce more electricity.

In the swimming pool solution, the SPRING panels are especially cooled and can produce up to 15% more electricity than a conventional photovoltaic system!