Solar ground source energy

Boost a geothermal heat pump and regenerate your ground source with SPRING hybrid panels

DualSun hybrid solar panels are the perfect addition to a geothermal heat pump to maximize borehole performance and reduce your energy consumption.

  • Regeneration of cold boreholes Increase the efficiency of your geothermal heat pump by up to 30% with DualSun hybrid solar panels.
  • Maximum energy efficiency Use both solar heat and solar power to reduce purchased electricity to your geothermal heat pump by 50%.
  • Optimized large geothermal storage Reduce borehole storage cost, enables geothermal heating on small plots and also seasonal storage of solar energy.

Regenerating heat from the ground

DualSun hybrid solar panels optimize the performance of your geothermal heat pump and reduce bills in the event of cold borehole probes.

You use both the sun’s heat, which is released into the ground in summer for inter-seasonal storage and improved heat pump operation in winter, and solar electricity to supply the building and heat pump.

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Why is it necessary to regenerate a geothermal probe?
Borehole too shallow for heat pump capacity Cold borehole gives high winter energy bills Expansion of a building and its heating requirements To avoid drilling a new borehole

How does a DualSun hybrid geothermal system work?

The prerequisite for a DualSun hybrid geothermal system is to have an existing geothermal heat pump with probe/bore hole installed. You will then need DualSun SPRING hybrid panels and thermal accessories. 

Solar electricity

  • Supplies all the electrical appliances in your home: 
    • Household electrical appliances
    • Electric vehicle charging
    • Electricity consumption by the heat pump 
  • Sale of unused solar energy to the grid

Solar heat

  • Boosts the performance of your probe thanks to the heat generated, giving a higher inlet temperature to your heat pump and lower electricity consumption
  • Regenerates ground and also stores surplus energy for winter use (if designed for seasonal storage)
  • Prevents the need to drill a new probe if your heat pump loses efficiency due to cold probe
  • Improves the heating of your home and hot water in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way, especially for large hot-water requirements 

Solar heating without geothermal boreholes

If you don’t have geothermal boreholes for your heat pump: find out more about our solutions for no-borehole heat pumps.


Maximize results in multi-family, municipal, governmental, commercial and industrial buildings

A system with maximum energy and environmental performance
Maximize the efficiency and energy coverage of geothermal heat pumps Reduce the energy requirements from back-up systems, including electricity Optimized use of the roof surface
residence-avenir-luxembourg-pac-geothermie-solaire-dualsun residence-avenir-luxembourg-pac-geothermie-solaire-dualsun
Increase the temperature in existing geothermal storage
Increase the temperature in existing geothermal storage Significantly reduced cost for new geothermal storage Ideal solution to the problem of limited space for borehole storage systems Hybrid panels enables seasonal energy storage in various ways Special applications: with a low-temperature brine network, or for snow melting with hybrid solar panels