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About DualSun


We work every day to invent the energy technologies of the future, co-directed by Jérôme and Laetitia.

At DualSun, we aim to reduce the energy consumption of buildings by producing solar heat and electricity.

Photovoltaic (PV) energy is growing exponentially worldwide. The fact that the price of PV is becoming more competitive than traditional energy prices has made it a key solution for covering electricity needs. But alone, PV is it not enough to meet the energy needs of our buildings. In addition to electricity, buildings require heat: for space heating (though less and less as buildings become better insulated), and also – and especially – for hot water needs.

– Heating is a major challenge for the 21st century

The capacity to provide solutions that produce both electricity and hot water to render our buildings energy-positive, all while being aware that rooftop space is not infinite – this is what drives us and defines our mission at DualSun.

The early days of DualSun

DualSun is the product of two very different personalities coming together, driven by the same obsession for innovation and access to a clean energy world.  Jérôme Mouterde and Laetitia Brottier first met in a scientific prep school.

Their paths crossed again two years later while classmates at Centrale Paris, one of the top engineering schools in France.
 Centrale provided Laetitia and Jérôme a springboard to endeavor on diverse entrepreneurial projects, both individual and together, and to affirm their aspiration to choose professional paths with significant societal impact.

 DualSun started in the offices of Centrale Paris in 2008.
After signing a partnership with a CNRS laboratory specialized in energy in Marseille, the duo moved to Marseille in 2009, and from there, the team grew.

– The company was officially created in 2010 and the first DualSun panel was installed in August 2011.  

Being a key innovation actor in the solar industry is exhilarating. The technology is evolving extremely fast, the cost of solar has been divided by 2 in 10 years, panels are already cheaper than slate roof panels, and it doesn’t end there!
Soon all new roofs will be solar roofs!

– Laetitia BROTTIER
Co-Founder and Head of Innovation, resolutely optimist, looking towards the future and how human society will respond to and adapt to climate change, and pretty adept at kicking around a soccer ball

Our revolutionary solar panels aim to render solar power even more competitive: this is the key to a real decline in the carbon footprint of the buildings we live in.

Co-Founder and CEO, energy catalyzer, passionate about technical and marketing innovation, and tireless hiker

Want to be part of the team ?

The evolution of DualSun

Year after year, DualSun has marked the way in France and internationally with its revolutionary solar panel.

The project starts in Paris, the team then moves to Marseille to be close to their partnering research laboratory.
The project becomes part of the IMPULSE accelerator in April 2010, and the founding partners become “Emergence” winners of the Entrepreneurship Network of PACA. DualSun applies for its first patent for its innovative heat exchanger in November 2010 and exhibits its panel to the public for the first time at Energaïa, an international trade show in December 2010.

Martel, Carré, Kahn, Bonnafous: the names of our earliest adopters to install DualSun.
Due to their trust and confidence, DualSun successfully realizes its first installations.

After the pilot projects installed in 2011, 2012 is dedicated to the industrialization of the DualSun panel. The company proceeds to its first round of funding in December 2012.
This funding allows the company to obtain european certifications for its panel, to realize 20 monitored pilot installations and develop its simulation platform, MyDualSun.

After a 10-month phase of certification with the TÜV Rheinland laboratory in Germany, the DualSun panels pass all the tests, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards of the market.
The DualSun panels are the first hybrid panels certified Solar Keymark in the world !

The DualSun panel is officially launched in January 2014.
A first landmark installation of 180 panels is built at the Bouygues Construction headquarters.
In June 2014, the company enters its second round of funding of 1.3M€ to hire a sales team and expand commercially.

In 2015 and 2016, DualSun continues its sales growth in France and Switzerland and is recognized by the Deloitte France Fast 50 competition as the cleantech startup with the highest growth over this period.
The company’s sales network in France is developed and the company launches in Switzerland where the company realizes 25% of its revenues in 2016.

DualSun brings to market a 2nd version of its hybrid panel, baptized “Spring”, more efficient and more competitive.
The Spring panel addresses a much wider market especially internationally with its competitive price and flexibility that allow a number of different applications and systems.
In parallel, DualSun expands to Italy and enters the Australia pool heating market with an exclusive local partner.
A third round of funding of 2.4M€ is conducted to continue commercial development internationally.  

DualSun had over 800 installations17 employees and 5 international patents.

In the meantime DualSun launched its new multi-energy offer with the world leader Daikin in France and its solar pool heating offer with Supreme Heating in Australia.

Today in 2019, DualSun has more than 1100 installations and launched in May 2019 the 3rd version of its hybrid solar panel Spring.

The adventure continues with our vision to equip all buildings in the world with DualSun solar panels.

You can also become your own utility powered by the sun!


At DualSun, we’ve met a lot of inspiring leaders that have shared with us their insight on our technology and solar energy in general. Come meet our Solar Stars!

Philippe Starck

French Designer

Solar energy is a sort of dream come true.

Emmanuel Macron

President of France

I see energy as being much more decentralized.

Martin Bouygues

CEO of Bouygues

One thing is certain: we will always need hot water and the space of on our buildings is not infinite.

Nicolas Hulot

French Minister of Energy

I believe that “2 in 1” technologies are a key to the future.

Emelie Forsberg

Swedish Trail running Champion

I think it is key to improve and develop renewable energy sources such as solar panels.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

French Photographer & Filmmaker

I only know that the small daily actions I can do will help absorb the shock of what’s to come.

Luc Jacquet

French Filmmaker

Solar energy is the source of energy with the least harmful impact on our environment.

Jean-Pierre Raffarin

Ex-Prime Minister of France

For me, solar energy is a huge geopolitical ambition.

Yannick Jadot

French Environmentalist

In 20 years, I can’t imagine that not a single roof, house or building will not be completely energy autonomous.

Maud Fontenoy

French Navigator and Vice-President of Sustainable Development of the PACA region of France

DualSun demonstrates that our capacity to develop and improve are not limited.

Jacques Rougerie

French Architect-Oceanographer

In 20 years, solar energy will be a main part of our lives and completely integrated into our systems. We are currently in a turning point period.

André Joffre

CEO of the French Solar Engineering Firm TECSOL

Solar electricity will be, and by far, the cheapest energy source.

Anne Quéméré

French Navigator

We must reduce our environmental footprint.

Marc Jedliczka

Head of HESPUL

Renewable energies are already competitive.

Laurent Wauquiez

French Politician

Solar energy is also the source that is most adapted to an infinite of applications.

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