In Autignac, with 18 solar panels their house produces electricity 300 days a year

  • 2023
  • Autignac, France
  • Power output : 9 kWp
  • Panels : 18 photovoltaic panels

Caroline and Yvan are very satisfied with their solar installation. In 2023, they had 18 DualSun FLASH solar panels installed on the extension to their house. They use their electric cars as rolling batteries, a clever way of making the most of self-consumption!

Back to this beautiful photovoltaic project in Autignac completed in 2023 ????

Since moving into their year-round vacation home, Caroline and Yvan have been looking for ways to improve things. They extended the house with south-facing roofs and installed 9 kWp of DualSun panels. They use water from the well and electricity from the sun to live!

An ecological motivation

The couple’s motivation is first and foremost ecological, with a strong desire to take care of the planet and do their bit for it. The purchase of electric vehicles is an integral part of this approach. During the day, recharging your vehicle in the sun makes sense and acts as a buffer stock! What’s more, they’ve opted for a self-consumption contract with the sale of surplus power. Indeed, when they go on a trip, the prospect of selling the surplus they haven’t consumed brings their house to life.

So, 18 panels of 500 Wp for a power of 9 kWp have been installed. From an economic point of view, the various scenarios and simulations gave them a very attractive return of between 13 and 17%. In fact, as soon as they had installed the panels, Caroline and Yvan were already looking ahead to their future solar project on a remaining roof.

The importance of a recommended partner

What made their project a reality was being able to trust a solar installer: “we chose an installer who recommended DualSun panels because they were reliable; they had excellent after-sales service and a good power output in line with what we wanted in terms of roof surface, aesthetic impact, inverter reliability and microinverters.”

Caroline and Yvan were very surprised by the speed of the project. The fact that they were able to live in the house while the work was being carried out was good news: “the installers are professional and don’t bother us at all, the site is very clean and the DualSun partner installer lived up to our expectations in every respect, in terms of both competence and trust”.

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In terms of usage, Caroline and Yvan talk about a real apprenticeship in terms of consumption and how to change habits. To do this, they use home automation applications that teach them to be consumer-actors rather than consumers, and enable them, for example, to shift or modify their energy consumption patterns from time to time.

For them, the switch to renewable energies is a matter of urgency, and there’s no need to ask too many questions: “We have to switch to solar panels because the sun is there and it’s there to help us. The initial investment can be frightening, but between the borrowing possibilities, government subsidies and total profitability, it’s frankly a very attractive proposition. The more of us who switch to renewable energy, the better off we’ll be on this little blue planet, and if we can do it profitably, that’s even better!”

“When you go on a trip, you realize that your home is alive”.

Technical information

Characteristics House
Number of panels 18 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 9 kWp
Rooftop installation South-facing
Photovoltaic system Enphase microinverters, self-consumption with sale of surplus electricity