21 Dualsun panels on a house – Colomiers (FR)

  • 2015
  • Colomiers, France
  • Power output : 5,25kWc + 1,5Wth
  • Panels : 4 hybrid + 17 photovoltaic

Mr. Destreez was looking for an efficient and aesthetic solar solution that was also eligible for tax incentives to renovate his house built in the 70s.

Mr. Destreez has been living with his wife and daughter since 2011. Then, a big renovation work was necessary to improve the comfort of the house, contain consumption and electricity bills. For example, it was necessary to redo the windows, change the boiler, insulate from the outside and modernize the whole with a beautiful field of 4 hybrid solar panels and 17 photovoltaic panels. Mr. Destreez did not skimp on action!

The installation is technically a great success thanks to an approved DualSun installer with whom we put him in contact ” the installer was the major asset, there is a real relationship of trust that has been established. »

“I have a good south-west exposure in Toulouse so it’s good to take advantage of it because the sun is a clean and inexhaustible energy. When you have a nice roof surface and the financial capacity, it’s a shame not to do it. I like the concept brought by DualSun, I find it very good and more fun than other systems. My criteria for choosing DualSun also included aesthetics. I think that a single rectangular field of identical panels is nicer than a patchwork of panels of different brands positioned in different places and not necessarily in the same direction”.

Which inclination and orientation of the solar panel to choose?

This project manager wanted to take advantage of the prices associated with the resale of electricity before they continued to fall too much. He told us that buying a solar installation was a good investment and good for the environment. Indeed, to produce its electricity because thanks to this type of solar installation, there is less demand for coal and nuclear power, he told us. For all that, Mr Destreez is not anti-nuclear!

“In France we have an electrical energy that is supposed to be clean, except for the treatment of waste, which is problematic in the nuclear issue. Today in terms of recycling, solar energy is globally beneficial, and moreover, DualSun panels are French products”. Mr. Destreez


Technical information

Characteristics House of 3 people
Number of panels 4 DualSun Hybrid Solar Panels + 17 DualSun Photovoltaic Panels
Power output 5,25kWc + 1,5Wth
Rooftop installation in-roof, south-west orientation
Thermal system 300L water tank, electric booster
Photovoltaic system Total sale of electricity