18 hybrid panels on a building in the city center - Geneva (CH)

  • 2016
  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Power output : 4.5kWp + 6.73kWth
  • Panels : 18 hybrid panels

The new thermal solar is …hybrid solar!  This building already had solar thermal panels installed.  But after 20 years of service, the installation was nearing the end of its lifespan and in particular, was facing over-heating issues (see our FAQ about zero risk of overheating with Dualsun).  The installation of 18 hybrid solar panels serves two functions:

  • Preheating of the domestic hot water of the building
  • Providing electricity to the common spaces of the building

The electricity is entirely self-consumed within the building.  

Replacing old solar thermal installations with hybrid solar panels for buildings makes a lot of sense: the installation generates electricity on top of continuing to produce hot water, all with a limited rooftop space!

Interview with Julien Destre

Technical Director of Prime Energy, the Engineer and Installation company that managed this project

How did the Dualsun installation go?

The installation went very smoothly.  The fast hydraulic connectors are fantastic and very easy to use!  The rest of the installation was quite simple too, especially since all the hydraulic piping was already in place.  For mounting the panels, we used existing structures on the roof, and reinforced them with K2 elements. Dualsun’s technical documentation and training at Solexis (our distributor) were both incredibly useful.  Following the training, I was confident supervising the thermal part of the installation, without being a particular expert on the subject.

In your opinion, why develop solar energy?

Because solar is a free and unlimited source of energy and because it just makes sense!  The sun bathes us with its rich rays, we must take advantage!

What is your vision of solar power in 20 years?

From now on, necessity will turn into laws.  Builders will be required to put solar on all buidlings.  Solar thermal was the first type of solar energy for buildings.  Now with the rapid expansion of photovoltaics and low-consumption appliances like heat pumps, LED lighting, etc, we know that there will be PV solar everywhere in 20 years.  All homes will generate their own solar energy with a battery storage system. I would love to see all electric lines disappear. They won’t disappear completely, but their need will diminish.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear 2-in-1?

With 2-in-1, I think of smart technology and savings!

Technical information

Characteristics Building of 30 occupants
Number of panels 18 Dualsun hybrid solar panels
Power output 4.5kWp + 6.73kWth
Rooftop installation In-roof installation (K2 system), south-west facing, 35° tilt
Thermal system 2 800L solar tanks (Cipag), Air-water heat pump as booster (Elco)
Photovoltaic system 18 Enphase micro-inverters, self-consumption of the electricity