Domestic hot water and pool heating with hybrid panels - Aude (FR)

  • 2015
  • Aude, France
  • Power output : 2,5kWp + 3,74kWth
  • Panels : 10 hybrids

In July 2014, the Smith family moved from Yorkshire, England to the south of France to realize their dream: live minutes away from beautiful beaches and raise their children in a small, sunny village.

In 2016, they decided to replace the old solar thermal panels that were already installed on their property with DualSun panels. Not only do the DualSun panels produce hot water (for domestic hot water needs and pool heating), but they also generate electricity for the household. And to top it all off, the Smiths’ DualSun installation is equipped with DualSun’s new hot water monitoring system, the T-Box !

A look back at this 2015 project ⬇️

I feel that renewable energy is essential for our future and solar energy should play a big role in this, especially in sunny regions.

Replacing old solar thermal panels by new 2-in-1 DualSun panels

The Smiths’ house was built in the 80s and was undeniably ahead of its time. The house is well-insulated, equipped with efficient under-floor heating, and has a very respectable energy rating on its survey. Moreover, when the Smiths’ moved in, the house was equipped with old solar thermal panels which had stopped working 5 years prior. Consequently, there was space for the panels, and the Smith family was drawn to the DualSun technology to heat the pool water, provide some hot water AND generate electricity at the same time.

We had a limited space to install the panels – doubling up the functions therefore made sense.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith thought that replacing the solar panels would be a way of making the house even more ecologically sound as well as reducing running costs.

A unique feature of this installation is that 2-in-1 DualSun panels were installed on the ground next to the pool!

What is the optimal orientation and tilt angle for solar panels ?


Hot water monitoring with the T-Box

The Smith family’s solar installation is equipped with the T-Box, DualSun’s new hot water monitoring system. The T-Box measures the temperature of the water in both the DualSun panels and the hot water tank to 1. assure the installation is operating correctly and 2. track the installation’s hot water production in real-time. The Smith family can consult the results of the T-Box monitoring at any time via the MyDualSun web application.

DualSun’s certified installers

Mr. and Mrs. Smith discovered DualSun on the internet. After completing a free online simulation of their project, they were connected with Cerdagne Energie, one of DualSun’s certified installers in their region.

We were very impressed with the installers – they quickly provided an estimate, and did the work before we moved in. They sent us photos of the work in progress and were very professional. There was a small malfunction about a week after installation due to a faulty part which they remedied quickly. They explained clearly how the system worked and were very patient with our understanding of French !

Would you recommend DualSun ?

Yes absolutely ! As with any solar installation however, it is essential to work closely with the installer to find a solution that meets both the customer’s needs as well as the constraints of the home/property.

Technical information

Characteristics Family of 4 people
Number of panels 10 DualSun hybrid panels
Power output 2,5kWp + 3,74kWth
Rooftop installation South-facing (Renusol Trisole)
Thermal system Alliantz Balpac 300L thermodynamic hot water tank (double heat exchanger)
Photovoltaic system Self-consumption of electricity generated