Dualsun donates solar panels for the new Maison de l'Association Lazare in Marcq-en-Baroeul

  • 2024
  • Marcq-en-Barœul, France
  • Power output : 9 kWp
  • Panels : 24 photovoltaic panels

The Lazare association, which fights against the precariousness of homelessness, offers shared accommodation for homeless people and young working people. The association inaugurated the new extension to its home in Marcq-en-Baroeul, on which 24 FLASH photovoltaic solar panels donated by Dualsun have been installed: an opportunity to participate with them in the fight against inequalities, particularly energy inequalities.

A look back at this project, inaugurated in June 2024 ⬇️

Because the sun belongs to everyone, Dualsun supports the Lazare association by equipping its new shared house near Lille with solar panels.

Fuel poverty, a reality affecting almost 12 million French people by 2021 according to the ONPE, is often linked to low incomes, poorly insulated housing and rising energy prices. These conditions force low-income households to devote a disproportionate share of their resources to energy bills, to the detriment of essential needs.

The consequences of this precarious situation are serious, affecting health and reinforcing social inequalities. To remedy the situation, the government and various associations are promoting energy efficiency in housing through schemes such as MaPrimeRénov’ and energy saving certificates (CEE).

The collaboration between Dualsun and Lazare to equip this solidarity initiative with solar panels marks another small step forward in the fight against fuel poverty. By offering clean, economical energy, this initiative reduces the building’s energy burden and shows how sustainable solutions can reduce inequalities.

It’s crucial to support initiatives like this for a future where energy is accessible and affordable for all!

The panels were installed by Sunelis, a long-standing Dualsun partner installer.


“Thank you for your invaluable support for this project, it’s magical to see the house grow and in such a high-quality way, we’re delighted to be sporting a beautiful photovoltaic roof!”

Charlotte Lion, Real Estate Development Manager

Technical information

Characteristics Building
Number of panels 24 Dualsun FLASH 375 photovoltaic panels
Power output 9 kWp
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters, full resale of electricity