Europe's first solar-powered restaurant is equipped with Dualsun

  • 2024
  • Marseille, France
  • Power output : 3 KWp
  • Panels : 4 hybrid + 3 photovoltaic

They’ve done it! The first solar-powered restaurant in Europe has opened its doors in Marseille! 14 years after their initial idea to offer quality cuisine without fossil fuels, Benjamin Leroy and Pierre-André Aubert are welcoming us to the 13th arrondissement and offering us a delicious and sunny future:

  • The idea: energy autonomy, short supply chains, respect for the seasons
  • For cooking: an innovative solar cooker
  • For electricity and hot water: Dualsun, SPRING4 hybrid and FLASH photovoltaic solar panels

Here’s a look back at this ambitious and innovative project, in which we’re particularly proud to see our Dualsun solar panels shine 🔆

In 2012, Pierre-André Aubert came up with a revolutionary idea: to build a solar oven powered directly by the sun’s rays, concentrated thanks to an innovative parabolic dish. This revolutionary process will enable them to save 50% on energy.

After a meticulous design phase, the solar cooker was finally manufactured and initially housed as a “guinguette” in a converted shipping container.

Later, the acquisition of a plot of land in Château-Gombert (13th arrondissement) enabled them to see further ahead. And finally, thanks to a series of fund-raising events, they raised over €2.2 million to build a fully-fledged bioclimatic restaurant “powered by solar energy”.

3 seasons of tests later on the Château Gombert technology park, a bioclimatic building surrounded by an edible landscape and ecologically exemplary has seen the light of day: hemp concrete walls, wooden framework, rendering made from the site’s earth… it’s a whole innovative and environmentally-friendly approach that has come to fruition.

This avant-garde restaurant is committed to being “much more than just a place to eat: it’s a genuine research and experimentation laboratory for the food of the future, which inspires and pollinates its environment”.

Because the concept doesn’t stop at solar energy: they are also working on reusing waste water to water the plants, using phytodepuration. They are also creating a small methanisation plant to produce and use biogas from organic waste… something to broaden our horizons!

Technical information

Characteristics Restaurant
Number of panels 4 Dualsun SPRING hybrid panels + 3 Dualsun FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 3 KWp
Rooftop installation flat roof, south-facing, 30° slope
Thermal system SPRING panels (500L double exchanger solar hot water tank. Three-phase 6kW electric resistance).
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters (Solar Edge), self-consumption with sale of surplus electricity