House with hybrid solar system and swimming pool - Martigues (FR)

  • 2014
  • Martigues, France
  • Power output : 2.5kWp + 1.5kWth
  • Panels : 4 hybrid + 6 photovoltaic

This installation of 10 solar panels was carried out in Martigues in November 2014 on a lovely 160 m2 house with swimming pool built 2 years earlier.

Mr Gallo is a teacher in the building trade and his wife a BTS teacher. Together with their two teenagers, they decided to install solar panels to reduce their energy consumption.

They tell us about it ⬇️

“The idea of using conventional electricity to produce domestic hot water has always struck me as a bit stupid”.

The Gallo family has always been convinced that solar panels “should be compulsory”. In fact, their previous home was equipped with solar thermal panels. When they moved house, they wanted to try out new technologies, and that’s how they came across DualSun and its hybrid solar panels.

For Mr. Gallo, solar energy is above all a matter of conviction and motivation, because although it’s not complicated, it does require a certain amount of organization.

You have to take the plunge, but it’s just common sense. “We can keep a good level of comfort in the home while reducing our impact, so we might as well do it.”

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“I’ve always found the idea of using conventional electricity to make domestic hot water a bit stupid. Here, with the hybrid panel, we don’t have the problem of overheating that can occur with pure thermal, and what’s more, we produce electricity, which we thought was really good.”

The installation went very smoothly after he was put in touch with one of our partner installers located near his home.

“I saw the skills of the technical sales representative and the seriousness of the company. What I look for in a professional is to understand how things work, to have technical explanations in detail, as a teacher I like to understand and educate myself!”

At the time of the interview, satisfaction was high: “Today, we’re very satisfied with the hot water and electricity we’ve been producing for 4 years. We resell our energy, which is interesting, and our consumption figures are very reasonable, so we recommend this type of installation to our friends and family.”

Technical information

Characteristics House for 4 people
Number of panels 4 DualSun hybrid panels, 6 photovoltaic panels
Power output 2.5kWp + 1.5kWth
Rooftop installation Integration (EASY ROOF system)
Thermal system 300L storage tank with electric booster
Photovoltaic system Enlighten microinverters, total sale of electricity