House with hybrid and photovoltaic solar panels - Martigues (FR)

  • 2015
  • Martigues, France
  • Power output : 3kWc + 1,5kWth
  • Panels : 4 hybrid + 8 photovoltaic

Owners of a house of approximately 160 m2 located in Martigues in which they live with 2 young children, Mr and Mrs Prioux installed DualSun hybrid solar panels in February 2015.

The installation was carried out on a housing estate house built some ten years earlier. Relatively well insulated and equipped with a swimming pool, it runs solely on electricity. For Mr. and Mrs. Prioux, with solar panels the objective was to reduce the electricity bill, which was between 2.500€ and 3.000€/year before the installation.

We looked for an innovative technology that would allow us to reduce our expenses, especially on the hot water part, so that it would become free.

“That’s where we came across DualSun and its hybrid solar panel which allowed us to produce electricity but also to heat the water in the tank. We were seduced by the product but also by the spirit of the company”.

While they had initially gone for a photovoltaic-only installation, they realized that if they integrated DualSun hybrid panels into their installation it would allow them to kill two birds with one stone : produce electricity and heat their domestic water. “It made sense for us to improve our energy comfort.”

The construction site lasted a short week, without any problems, and more than 3 years later, the installation is working well.

“We are very happy because we realize that the DualSun technology has several advantages such as producing hot water at zero cost and also improving the production of electricity. As DualSun technology cools the panel and maximizes the electricity production, we feel like we’re a two-time winner! We are satisfied with the installation, the technology and also we have an efficient after-sales service with people who listen. So for individuals who own their own homes, that’s all we want. You should not hesitate to give value to your house and to make projects and this one can only be enriching for the heritage of a house, you have to go for it!”

Technical information

Characteristics House for 4 persons
Number of panels 4 hybrid solar panels + 8 photovoltaic solar panels
Power output 3kWc + 1,5kWth
Rooftop installation In Roof (EASY ROOF system), south-facing, 30° inclination
Thermal system 300L water tank with electrical resistance, T-Box monitoring
Photovoltaic system SolarEdge Micro-Inverters, self-consumption of electricity