How Hybrid Solar in Orvault has enabled Marc to become energy self-sufficient

  • 2023
  • Orvault , France
  • Power output : 6 kWp
  • Panels : 6 hybrid + 9 photovoltaic

Marc is a teacher of engineering sciences and techniques. He lives with his wife and two children in Orvault, Loire Atlantique, in a house built in 1956.

By installing 15 Dualsun solar panels in 2023, they will have saved €1,300 compared with 2022!

He tells us ⬇️

The hybrid system enables him to produce twice as much energy from the same surface area

Marc’s solar installation consists of 15 self-consumption panels, facing south-east on a 20% slope.

  • 6 SPRING hybrid panels (hot water + electricity) connected to a 300 litre solar tank
  • 9 FLASH photovoltaic panels connected to the grid

And after 1 year’s operation, Marc is delighted, particularly with the hybrid solar panels, which enable him to produce twice as much energy from the same surface area: “Today, I think that if I had any advice to give my colleagues, it would be to switch to photovoltaics and hybrid solutions. The hybrid solution already allows hot water to be used, so for domestic hot water, heating, etc., and it also increases the yield from the solar panels, because in summer, the panel tends to rise in temperature, so the yield drops, and having hybrid panels means that you can maintain optimum yield”.

➡️ Which solar panel tilt and orientation should I choose?

Solar energy: a rational and ecological choice

The decision to go solar was an important one for Marc. There were several reasons why he decided to go solar: firstly, to limit his environmental impact and reduce his carbon footprint; secondly, to stabilise his bills; and thirdly, to ensure his energy security by becoming less dependent on traditional energy suppliers.

Marc learned about the Dualsun brand from his installer. For him, the fact that SPRING panels are certified Made in France is a guarantee of quality. He chose this solution to benefit from a guarantee, after-sales service and optimum maintenance.

The job went very smoothly, lasting between 2 and 3 days with 3 people: “I’d already heard from colleagues who’d had them work. They were very fussy about the cleanliness of the installation and it completely met our expectations; it’s really a very good company”.

In any case, using the software on the MyDualSun platform is interesting for a first approach, as: I’m a teacher in the sustainable development section, I’d already done the calculations for my installation beforehand, in fact I found these calculations on their site, so it comforted me in my choice of the Dualsun solution.

1,300 in savings in 1 year

After 1 year of operation, Marc has re-injected 5.7 MWh of electricity into the grid for a consumption of 2.166 MWh. So, between the buy-back price and the re-injection into the grid, he has made savings of €1,300!

In terms of support, he was able to take advantage of a one-off installation premium of €2,300 for the 6 kWp from EDF. “In relation to our region, our 20% orientation, the positioning of the panels to the south-east, our electricity consumption… we would have a return on investment of around 12 years. With a 25-year guarantee, the project makes perfect sense.

But Marc isn’t going to stop there, his next project will be to modify the gas-fired boiler so he can switch to a heat pump and thus increase the system’s profitability!


“Today, I think that if I had any advice to give my colleagues, it would be to switch to photovoltaic and hybrid solutions”. Marc

Technical information

Characteristics House
Number of panels 6 SPRING hybrid panels & 9 FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 6 kWp
Rooftop installation South-east facing, 20° slope
Thermal system Coupling with solar storage tank
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters, self-consumption with sale of surplus electricity