Already 500 euros earned in 6 months with Dualsun FLASH photovoltaic panels

  • 2022
  • Yzernay, France
  • Power output : 6 kWp
  • Panels : 16 Dualsun FLASH photovoltaic panels

Vincent built his “all electric” house in 2010. But like all French people for the last 2 years, he is suffering from the increase in electricity prices, despite the implementation of the tariff shield by the government. That’s why in 2022 he installed 16 Dualsun FLASH photovoltaic panels (i.e. 6 kWp) in self-consumption to supply his house with electricity.

“Given the price of electricity that was skyrocketing, we said to ourselves that at first it was to find out what it cost, what was profitable or not. And given the rates at EDF and the price of installation we took the plunge.”

For this father of two, the argument of savings is the one that made him go through with it. Indeed, his house of 130 m2 facing south is perfectly adapted to the installation of solar panels.

Vincent knew about all the brands on the market, including those that “didn’t hold up” according to him. “I’m pretty picky when I go to buy something. I had seen Dualsun among the good brands on the market and that’s what the installer suggested, so I thought why not?”

Indeed, this 40-year-old likes to remember that when he is going to buy something, he needs to know the product better than the person who is going to sell it to him…

A good point for the training offered by Dualsun to its network of installers to ensure an impeccable quality of service. Indeed, thanks to its various training courses, the installers perfectly master the technical and commercial aspects of the panels in the range, starting with the performance of our solar panel FLASH. until the installation.

The installation went quickly: 1 day to install the 16 solar panels and 1 day to complete the electronic connections and the connection to the monitoring box.

6 months after the installation, Vincent is delighted: “In 6 months we saved 300 euros on the electric bill and we had to make 200 euros of resale. For an annual bill of 1300 euros before the PV installation. Over 6 months we have already earned 500 euros. “


This first extremely positive assessment gives only a first overview over 6 months. Over a full year, the result will be even more striking. Overall, it is thanks to the quality of Dualsun materials, the rigorous control of manufacturing processes and the aging tests carried out in the laboratory that Dualsun can guarantee the electrical power supplied by its panels for 25 years. Vincent has a lot to look forward to for many years to come!

“If we put up panels, it’s for a financial return in the future and then it’s also the added value it can bring to a house if you resell.” Vincent

Technical information

Characteristics House of 4 people
Number of panels 16 Dualsun FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 6 kWp
Rooftop installation Overlaying on the roof
Photovoltaic system Micro inverters