What is the cost of a DualSun installation?

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The total price of a solar installation (ie all equipments and labor) varies greatly from one project to another depending on the characteristics of the installation and the technical constraints related to the installation.

The price of the systems remains the same, but the complexity of the project can change the labour budget.

This is why it is very difficult to give an accurate price for a whole installation without knowing the specifics of the house or building on which the panels will be installed.

The parameters that will make the price vary are for example:

  • the height of the roof
  • the distance between the roof and the technical room where the panels will be installed 

To obtain a reliable price, it is preferable to have a detailed quote delivered by a specialized installer

Once the installer’s quote has been received, it is important to consider that the panel’s warranty guarantees the production for up to 30 years.

So to appreciate the economic interest of a DualSun solar installation, one should evaluate it over a 30 years period : 

  • On average, the average total investment for a DualSun hybrid installation (with Spring panels) is 50% higher than that of a conventional photovoltaic installation (with DualSun FLASH panels for example) of the same size.
  • On the other hand, this hybrid installation will produce more than twice as much energy as the photovoltaic one, thus more than doubling associated revenues and increasing profitability.

The graph demonstrates this by comparing 3 options: 

  1.  In red, the case of a house that does not invest in a solar installation and therefore continues to pay its energy bills every year (with the annual increase in the cost of energy, the cumulative amount of bills explodes over time!).
  2.  In orange, the case of a household that is equipped with 10 DualSun Flash photovoltaic panels, which allow it to save each year on its electricity bill and thus spend around 20% less money on energy over 25 years (initial investment of the photovoltaic system included).
  3.  In blue, the case of a house equipped with 4 DualSun Hybrid Spring solar panels and 6 DualSun Flash photovoltaic panels. The hybrid panels will produce more energy resulting in  40% less money spend on energy with initial investment of the system included!

In conclusion, a DualSun installation is more expensive to buy but costs much less over 25 years!


NB1: The assumptions are as follows:

  • House for 4 people located in Marseille
  • Electric water heater
  • Average annual electricity consumption excluding heating: 3,200 kWh 
  • Average annual hot water consumption: 3,700 kWh (equivalent to 50 L of hot water at 50°C/pers/day)
  • Electricity price: 15.55 c€/kWh
  • Electricity price increase: 3.03% per year
  • Electricity sale price (for electricity sold to the grid): 0.1 €/kWh 
  • Investment given here are standard in France including taxes but after deduction of government subsidies

NB2: In the graph above, the bumps are due to the fact that the hot water tank will have to be changed several times during the 25 years considered. With DualSun, a new solar hot water tank is installed at the beginning of the project (year 0, the cost of the tank is included in the total initial investment). Then the solar hot water tank lasts longer than a conventional hot water tank (12 years on average for a solar hot water tank vs. 8 years for a conventional hot water tank) so it is changed less often on the blue curve (DualSun).

If you wish to make a personalised study taking into account the particularities of your home, sign in to our MyDualSun platform. You will be able to evaluate the benefits of your installation and contact one of our installers for a quote.

For your DualSun solar installation, there are subsidies available depending on the country.

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