DualSun unveils its 100% low-carbon solar range and winsthe Top Brand PV 2023 Award

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Press release Marseille,
June 15, 2023

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At a time when DualSun is breaking new ground by reducing the carbon footprint of its entire range of solar panels, the French manufacturer has been awarded Top Brand PV for the 3rd year running at the Intersolar trade show (June 14-16 in Munich). This is a real vote of confidence for DualSun from French installers.

An award based on the confidence of French solar installers

Already a winner in 2021 and 2022, DualSun has been awarded Top Brand PV in 2023 in the Modules category, as a further mark of the confidence French installers have placed in the quality of its solar modules. Recognized by the entire photovoltaic industry, the Top Brand PV seal analyzes data collected from 100 French photovoltaic installers. The award of this prestigious seal confirms DualSun’s position as one of the best solar panel brands on the market.

100% of the DualSun range certified low-carbon*

Top Brand PV 2023 recognition underlines the hard work and ongoing innovation strategy pursued by the DualSun team to develop a range of high-performance, high-efficiency solar panels, while limiting environmental impact with lower-impact, low-carbon* modules.

Now all FLASH DualSun photovoltaic panels are low-carbon certified, emitting 17% less CO2 than a standard solar panel. As a result, they have a carbon footprint of less than 550 kg eq.CO2/kWp, as certified by CERTISOLIS.

The term low-carbon is used here to describe solar panels whose greenhouse gas emissions are less than 550 kgCO2e/kWp. This threshold is defined by the French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

An audited procurement process

While SPRING panels are Made in France, the FLASH photovoltaic range is the subject of a strong commitment on the part of DualSun to offer the very best in solar technology, while meeting today’s energy, climate and social challenges.

Produced in Asia in a low-carbon approach, the priority is to select high-quality components, as well as the best factories with high levels of automation and integration to manufacture solar panels with the lowest carbon footprint.

With the help of an independent engineering firm, a strict audit is carried out throughout the manufacturing process. Partner factories are systematically assessed to ensure that they comply with strict production and working conditions.

DualSun fully committed to the French solar industry

Since its creation in 2010, the Marseille-based company has never ceased to assert its French know-how: DualSun designs its range of solar panels in Provence, and also continues to invest locally at its Jujurieux (Ain) industrial site. Production of the SPRING hybrid panel is labeled Made in France. In particular, this innovative panel offers a better carbon footprint than a simple photovoltaic installation over the lifetime of the equipment

In line with the new French law on green industry, and in the current context of reindustrialization in France, DualSun intends to make its full contribution to the country’s stated ambition. The company, which will soon have 100 employees, is assiduously pursuing its growth strategy with the strong intention of continuing to innovate in France.

“Our approach to production aims to relocate production stages whenever possible. As soon as the context is favorable, DualSun and its shareholders aim to relocate the lamination of our DualSun FLASH and SPRING panels to Europe, and ideally to France. In fact, the Green Industry Bill is currently prompting us to step up our efforts in this area.” Jérôme Mouterde, President and co-founder of DualSun.

DualSun provides comprehensive support across its entire value chain: from the design of solar panels with the lowest possible carbon footprint, to the right sizing of solar projects, including ongoing training for its network of partner installers. The company is also actively involved in job creation, offering training services to strengthen the French solar industry.

As part of this trajectory, DualSun has been selected for the very first promotion of the French Tech 2030 program, which supports emerging players in disruptive innovation in economic objectives and technologies that are a priority for France’s sovereignty

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