120 DualSun hybrid panels for an energy-efficient green pool in Australia (AU)

  • 2019
  • Childers, Australia
  • Power output : 62.15 kWh + 118.723 Kwh
  • Panels : 120 hybrid panels

Designed without a roof, this Australian pool was subject to the vagaries of the weather.

So in 2018, the Bundaberg Regional Council put out a tender for the construction of a solid shade structure and the installation of an energy-efficient green heating system. Because the promise was strong, it had to offer swimmers the possibility to swim all year round by guaranteeing a minimum swimming temperature of 28°C.

We are at the Isis War Memorial pool, located in Childers, Queensland, Australia. A covering and heating structure made of DualSun hybrid solar panels was born in 2019.

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On this project outside our French borders, the tender was won by our Australian partner Supreme Heating. By proposing our 2-in-1 solar panel, they were able to solve two problems:

  • Provide efficient and renewable pool heating
  • Use limited roof space.

Thus, 120 DualSun hybrid solar panels were installed on the 800 m2 roof. They produce solar hot water and solar electricity at the same time, which is ideal when you want to make a pool energy self-sufficient!

To meet the requirements of the building, Supreme Heating proposed the Heatseeker DualSun. These are DualSun hybrid solar panels, coupled with their Heatseeker Plus package, resulting in 216 m² of solar carpet. Heat pumps complete the system.

Here, the DualSun hybrid technology aims to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, it also contributes to erase operational expenses while playing an effective role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions!

With a renewable thermal production of 80.2 MWh/year, the system offers enough capacity to compensate for the dependence on heat pumps and maintain the 700,000 liters of water at an average temperature of 28°C throughout the bathing season.

The Heatseeker DualSun system is also capable of producing 133 kWh/day of electricity which reduces operational costs as well as expenses related to the pool heating system, including the heat pumps. Over the course of a year, the system will produce 62.15 MWh, which will result in significant savings.

In fact, with average energy savings of $31,266 per year, the Council can expect their system to pay for itself in just 6 years based on current energy prices!

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Technical information

Characteristics Collective pool
Number of panels 120 DualSun SPRING hybrid panels
Power output 62.15 kWh + 118.723 Kwh
Rooftop installation on-roof
Thermal system 2 Heatseeker VortexC 120 kW inverter heat pumps
Photovoltaic system SMA Inverters