14 solar panels on a green roof-Montreuil (FR)

  • 2019
  • Montreuil, France
  • Power output : 3.92kWp + 5.66kWth
  • Panels : 14 hybrid

We are in Montreuil on the Azrock esplanade at the foot of the new building of the Atout Cœur residence. At this location, 31 apartments ranging from studios to T5 were inaugurated in May 2019.

The project is operated by the developer Philia Promotion Immobilière and the complex was designed by the architect Frédéric Lebard – AFL. The icing on the cake: 14 Dualsun SPRING hybrid solar panels on the green roof terrace!

Within the framework of an innovative and efficient design of the building, the project manager wished to contribute to the production of domestic hot water by means of an RE source but also to take advantage of it to produce electricity. On the other hand, a problem arose because the roof surface was very small. Indeed, the available surface corresponds to a 2m wide and 30m long strip facing south.

Our Dualsun innovation made sense; both photovoltaic and thermal, it allows to produce 2 energies on a reduced surface! Dualsun is renowned for being the most efficient solar panel for buildings!

If this inauguration did not go unnoticed, it is because this building meets the Charter of sustainable construction of the city of Montreuil. In addition, it is certified NF Habitat HQE (Effinergie + label). As a result, this building was designed to reduce its energy impact. It was designed in curved concrete and concrete matrix and was covered with corrugated iron cladding.

Technical information

Characteristics 31-unit building
Number of panels 14 Dualsun SPRING hybrid panels
Power output 3.92kWp + 5.66kWth
Rooftop installation Installation on roof terrace (triangulated system K2), south orientation, 30° slope
Thermal system 750L tank with gas booster
Photovoltaic system SMA centralized inverter, total sale of electricity