Building equipped with 18 hybrid solar panels on the facade – Courbevoie (FR)

  • 2018
  • Courbevoie, France
  • Power output : 2,52kWc + 3,37kWth
  • Panels : 19 panneaux DualSun

In 2016, Sylvaine and Laurent decided to create a business as a couple. This business is located in Courbevoie in Haute-Seine; it is a new building that stands nicely on the site of their house. Instead: 7 apartments. On the façade, 18 DualSun hybrid solar panels installed south-west in 2018.

“The panels are very well exposed so I’m saving a lot of energy”.

Which inclination and orientation of the solar panel to choose?

On average, 30 people will benefit from the electricity and hot water produced by the hybrid solar panels! Here, the electricity is redistributed in the apartments. Priority is given to the ground floor apartment that consumes the most. Then in the Tesla chargers which are in the car park. The solar hot water preheats the huge solar tank. “In summer we are between 40 and 50 degrees of preheated hot water” says Laurent. “The entry temperature at the beginning of February is 30 degrees. DualSun panels preheat the water even in winter!”

This is a long-term undertaking. Indeed, the construction site lasted 4 years. Here nothing was left to chance since they wanted to do as much as possible themselves and things as organic as possible. For example permaculture on the roof. Or the installation of Tesla chargers in the garage: “we thought we needed solar panels”. Indeed, Sylvaine is convinced that we will all have to switch to electric cars one day or another. So electricity has to be cheaper. Producing it locally is therefore a solution that makes sense. “Everything is a gamble on the future,” she tells us.

Sensitive to the question of heritage, Sylvaine and Laurent want to pass on this asset to their children: “We wanted to do something that lasts over time, that is aesthetic and that is as environmentally friendly as possible. The aim is for the building to last as long as possible, so we needed something solid and durable”.

What are the guarantees of DualSun products?

When you look at the pictures, you can see 2 types of solar panels on this installation. In fact, initially, they wanted to equip their house in Normandy with 9 DualSun panels. Unfortunately, a constraint of building site prevented them from doing so. Some time later, they were able to reuse these panels on their 2nd project and complete the installation with 9 more recent DualSun panels!

“I think autonomy is the key for later, for a lot of things besides. I’m selling my surplus energy to Enedis. The goal in a building is to have as few loads as possible. ”

Why did you choose DualSun?

Sylvaine and Laurent chose DualSun because we are the pioneers of this technology: “We must be among their first customers. We couldn’t find a product that was comparably better.”

The efficiency of the DualSun hybrid solar panel 

“The installation of the panels was a very pleasant moment, which is very rare in the building to have pleasant moments having been myself on the building site of this building for 4 years. Why pleasant? Because the installation company said what they did and did what they said, on time. The panels were installed completely naturally. There were only proposals for solutions. Everything was done on time, without a hitch, it looked very simple in fact”.


Technical information

Characteristics Building of 7 apartments
Number of panels 18 DualSun SPRING® hybrid solar panels + 1 DualSun FLASH® photovoltaic panel
Power output 2,52kWc + 3,37kWth
Rooftop installation Facade installation, south-west facing
Thermal system 750L gas balloon with gas top-up
Photovoltaic system Micro inverters, total electricity sales