Facade installation for 17 hybrid solar panels on the Greenelle Tower - Paris (FR)

  • 2016
  • Paris, France
  • Power output : 4.25 kWp and 6.87 kWth
  • Panels : 17 hybrid panels

The Greenelle Tower is ideally located on the Quai Grenelle. Located along the Seine between the Eiffel Tower and the Mirabeau Bridge, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, the building covers an area of 13,265 m² and has 13 floors.

The Greenelle Tower was historically occupied by the Hachette Group. But it was after its renovation that employees of the industrial group Imerys moved in. Because we are talking about a before and after 2015. Indeed, the developer AITB carried out a complete renovation of the building in 2015 alongside the architectural firm Castro-Denissof. Phenomenal work that completely changed the tower, aside from the exterior appearance.

In the end, the entire interior space was completely reconfigured. Only the structure of the building dating from the 70’s has been preserved! This tower on the quai de Grenelle is now called the Greenelle Tower to match its new identity ⬇️

So, it was during the complete renovation of the Greenelle tower that the project to install Dualsun hybrid solar panels began. Indeed, from the start, Roland Castro, the architect, wanted an innovative solution in terms of renewable energy. The fact that our panel is dual, both photovoltaic and thermal, was interesting because the surface was limited. The Dualsun panel does not take up much space on the roof while producing a maximum of energy!

Thus, 17 Dualsun hybrid panels were installed by the company Sunelis. The panels are located on the lower part of the tower. The office floors are also located on this cake.

In terms of renewable energy, the project goes even further. In addition to solar panels, a geothermal system and a green roof for a garden terrace accessible to new tenants have been deployed. We can also note an original cladding of thin perforated sheet metal in which thousands of LED bulbs are integrated.

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The Grenelle Tower benefits from the latest HQE, BBC and BREEAM certifications. It now offers very high quality office space.

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Technical information

Characteristics Tertiary building (offices)
Number of panels 17 Dualsun Wave hybrid panels
Power output 4.25 kWp and 6.87 kWth
Rooftop installation panels vertically on the cladding
Thermal system Air/water heat pump
Photovoltaic system centralized inverter