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DualSun Spring: A hybrid solar panel


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- Hybrid


Electricity generation

Premium photovoltaic system

Premium photovoltaic system

Hot water production

Cooling of the panel and reuse of waste heat in the form of hot water generated by a patented heat exchanger.

Cooling of the panel and reuse of waste heat in the form of hot water generated by a patented heat exchanger.

Dual heat and electricity output with a single panel of the same size and external appearance as a conventional photovoltaic panel.

This major technological innovation means our products are capable of covering the entirety of a building’s energetic needs while minimizing the occupied roof area.


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- Innovation, Quality, and Warranty

Innovation, Quality, and Warranty

French Innovation and Manufacturing

The dual energy generation technology present in our DualSun panels is the result of a major technological innovation developed and patented by our engineers in our R&D center in Marseille.

The quality of our SPRING® panels are the result of impeccable manufacturing processes in our ISO:9001-certified factory in the French department of Ain. 

Our involvement in the solar panel’s innovation and manufacturing cycle guarantees DualSun’s unmatched performance and durability on the market.


DualSun’s warranty

DualSun panels are of high quality, designed and manufactured to last over time. That’s why we offer some of the most extensive product warranties in the solar market:

  • Declare your installation and benefit from a 10-year product warranty on the SPRING®from the moment the warranties are activated

  • 25-year performance guarantees on photovoltaic output 

  • DualSun will take care of the labor if the product is defective and subject to product expertise


Learn more about our warranties


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- Our hybrid solar panels

Our hybrid solar panels

The panels in the DualSun SPRING® Made in France range consist of a patented heat exchanger that allows water to circulate in the panel and optimises heat transfer with the photovoltaic cells.

To guarantee excellent products, more than a hundred controls guarantee the perfection of each SPRING® panel leaving the DualSun factory.

SPRING® Shingle Black

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DualSun’s SPRING® Shingle Black photovoltaic panel is designed for self-consumption projects. This module, with Shingle photovoltaic technology on the front, is more durable and more efficient than a standard module, without compromising on aesthetics.

  • Robustness, reliability and endurance: output guaranteed 25 years
  • Latest generation “Shingle” photovoltaic technology
  • Full black finish: homogeneous black surface for elegant buildings
  • Environmentally friendly: clean energy and 94.7% recyclable panels
  • Perfect in combination with the FLASH® Hybrid Panel

Ideal solution for:


Residential rooftop installations

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Commercial Roofing Installations


Industrial Roofing Installations


Agricultural Roofing Installations

Datasheets and certifications:

The advantages of Shingle technology

  • Better overall module efficiency thanks to the reduction of hot spots and optimisation of the active surface area

  • Longer lasting thanks to the reduction of internal mechanical stress in the module

  • TÜV-certified durability and low impact of extreme conditions on photovoltaic performance

  • Shingle cell technology allows better pressure absorption on the panel compared to traditional monocrystalline photovoltaic cells

  • Shingle cells are less affected by micro-cracks, so the decrease in yield over time is less


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- Pushing the limits of solar power

Pushing the limits of solar power

DualBoost DualHeat petit EN
DualBoost DualHeat EN


A standard photovoltaic panel only generates 20% of electricity during operation; the remaining 80% is heat. 

In addition to being wasted, this heat is also detrimental to the solar panel’s efficiency, which drops when the panel rises in temperature. 

Our DualSun SPRING® panel is cooled by an innovative and patented heat exchanger and thus generates more electricity than a standard photovoltaic panel. 

Cooling the photovoltaic cells improves electricity output by 5 to 15% depending on usage.


The DualSun SPRING® panel’s heat exchanger is made of polypropylene and is protected by 3 international patent families. 

As it circulates through the exchanger, the water warms up by recovering the heat emitted by the photovoltaic cells. This water can reach a temperature of up to 70°C and can therefore be used to cover the building’s various heating needs. 

Unlike standard thermal solar panels, the added benefit of this technology is that it is not prone to overheating risks. 

The SPRING® panel’s hydraulic connections are specially designed to ensure fast and easy roof installation on the roof whilst providing optimal reliability.


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FLASH® Black

Completely identical panels

Our FLASH® and SPRING® panels are 100% identical, have the same photovoltaic characteristics, and are visually indistinguishable from the front.

    • Same dimensions
    • Same esthetic appearance
    • Same electrical characteristics 

SPRING® solar panels are ideal for projects with a dual self-consumption system that generates both hot water and electricity. 

FLASH® panels are designed for simple electrical self-consumption projects. 

Given their perfectly identical outer design, these panels can be placed side by side in the same installation.

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