24 hybrid panels for the energy renovation of a building - Viriat (FR)

  • 2016
  • Viriat, France
  • Power output : 6kWp + 8.98kWth
  • Panels : 24 hybrid

The residents of this small building in Viriat (Ain) have had their old thermal panels replaced by brand-new hybrid panels! A double win for them: the DualSun panels once again supply domestic hot water, as before, but they also benefit from electricity production.

Energy renovation of a building

Built and commissioned in 1982, the building comprises a total of 20 apartments. As early as 1982, solar thermal panels were installed above the garages to preheat the collective hot water, which was then redistributed to individual hot water tanks in each apartment.

Almost 35 years later, the installation had deteriorated. The aim of Dynacité, the building’s landlord, was to renovate the solar system. Before meeting DualSun at the Be Positive trade show in Lyon, they had thought of going back to conventional thermal solar panels.

But that was before! Dynacité’s engineers were quickly interested in the fact that DualSun was not only easy to install, but also compatible with the existing installation. The Watt & Home team who took care of the installation only had to add the photovoltaic electrical equipment.

End-of-life of solar panels

A large number of solar installations are now reaching the end of their useful life, and need to be renovated.

This is one of the concerns of Dynacité, the Ain region’s leading landlord with over 25,000 housing units. 3 engineers work full-time in the energy performance office. Their role is to make recommendations, carry out studies and monitor buildings from an energy point of view, on both renovation and new-build projects.

➡️ Recycling solar panels 

Technical information

Characteristics 20 apartments
Number of panels 24 DualSun hybrid panels
Power output 6kWp + 8.98kWth
Rooftop installation Roof integration (EASYROOF system), west-facing, 18° inclination
Thermal system ELIOS 2,000L hydraulic storage tank, individual make-up in each dwelling
Photovoltaic system SOLAREDGE + OP300 inverters, full sale of electricity to EDF