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Heliopacsystem+® by Heliopac​ and DualSun

Offers developed with our partners

The efficiency and reliability of the DualSun Spring panel were recognized and well-appreciated by HELIOPAC, French leader in hot water technologies for buildings, who chose to combine Spring panels with HELIOPAC heat pumps.

heliopacsystem+® by HELIOPAC

Commercial solar hot water via integration with water-water heat pumps

DualSun has partnered with HELIOPAC to present a novel commercial solar hot water solution by coupling DualSun solar panels with HELIOPAC heat pumps that allow to meet up to 90% of the hot water needs of a buildings with the sun’s power.


How it works


On the thermal side, the heat exchangers of the DualSun Spring panels recover the wasted energy from the frontside of the panels to heat the glycol water of the primary circuit of the heat pump. The system works not just on sunny days, but on less sunny days and at night time too.

On a sunny day, the sun heats the panels and thus the liquid flowing through the panels. In the case of a less sunny day, the heat exchanger of the panels absorbs the energy of the air directly.

This particular characteristic of the system allows to have stable thermal performance throughout the year and a much higher performance than standard solar thermal panels.


On the photovoltaic side, the DualSun Spring panels generate electricity that can be consumed in the building to run the heat pumps and other appliances, or can be injected into the grid.

The excellent thermal exchange between the photovoltaic cells and the heat exchanger of the Spring allow the cells to be at a much lower temperature than standard PV cells and thus increase the efficiency of the cells by up to 15%.

The heat transfer of the system provides not only hot water for the building, but also cools the cells of the panels and thus increases PV efficiency as well.

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