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ECH2O Sun® by Daikin and DualSun

Offers developed with our partners

The DualSun panel has been recognized by several leading manufacturers with whom we have created systems that combine the DualSun Spring panel with their products to present more energy solutions for our homes.

ECH2O Sun® by Daikin

Multi-energy offer designed for the zero-energy home

DualSun has partnered with Daikin to present ECH2O Sun : a combination of a Daikin hot water tank, a Daikin heat pump, and DualSun Spring panels. This flexible and cost-effective offer allows you to meet all your hot water and heating needs.


ECH2O Sun® - How it works

The domestic hot water is covered by the DualSun Spring panels from May to October :


The hot water is stored in the Daikin tank that includes two exchangers, one for the solar circuit and one for the Daikin source (heat pump or other) which serves as a booster in the winter or the less-sunny days.  

During the winter months, the Daikin source takes over to heat the hot water as well as to provide heating for the house.  


The electricity generated by the DualSun panels can be consumed in the house and in particular can be used to cover a part of the Daikin’s heat pump consumption, a combination that garanties the best energy autonomy.

Note : Daikin references compatible with the Spring panel:

  • 500L Bi-bloc domestic hot water heat pump
  • 260L Monobloc domestic hot water heat pump with hydraulic exchanger
  • the range of ECH2O generators and tanks

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