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The performance of the DualSun SPRING hybrid solar panel

The first hybrid panel certified in the world

The DualSun panel was the first hybrid panel in the world to obtain the new “hybrid solar” Solar Keymark certification in late 2013. All DualSun panels are Solar Keymark and IEC certified, and thus have passed a number of rigorous tests, most notably:


HAIL RESISTANCE: the panel passed the Swiss RG4 test standard and thus can resist the projection of hailstones up to 40mm in diameter, weighing 29,2g with a speed of 99 km/h.

WIND RESISTANCE: a low-pressure of 2400 Pa, the equivalent of a 130 km/h wind applied to the panel for one hour.

SNOW RESISTANCE: a pressure of 5400 Pa, the equivalent of 6 meters of snow applied to the panel for one hour.

THERMAL CYCLING: the module is exposed to 200 temperature cycles, with each cycle going from -40°C to 85°C over a 6-hour period.

DAMP HEAT: the module is exposed to extreme conditions (85°C and 85% relative humidity) for 1000 hours.


DualSun is the first manufacturer to pass the new specific PVT tests that have been developed over the past years. We believe strongly in the potential of PVT technology… otherwise, we would not spend so much time developing these new relevant tests !

Ulrich Fritzsche - 2013

Project Manager of Hybrid PVT systems at TÜV Rheinland

These tests were conducted by the TÜV Rheinland laboratory (Cologne, Germany) and demonstrate the robustness of DualSun panels in extreme conditions.



Photovoltaic and thermal performance

The power output of the DualSun depends on the temperature of the panel.
The lower the temperature, the higher the power output of the panel, both on the electric side and the thermal side !

The thermal power output depends on the operational temperature of the panel.

You too can enjoy the power of the sun!


A modular panel

Your electricity needs might be higher than your hot water needs.  In order to maintain a visual and technical continuity to your installation, DualSun developed a standard photovoltaic panel, without a heat exchanger, in complement to and with an identical design to the Spring : the DualSun Flash.

– The DualSun Spring and Flash panels can be installed on rooftops, terrasses, parking canopies, and on the ground.

A connected panel

Intelligence is integrated into the DualSun Spring panel. A temperature probe is placed in the heat exchanger of the Spring. The probe is connected to the T-box, a communication box developed exclusively by DualSun engineers.

On your computer or on your telephone, you can visually track the production of your installation in real time and be alerted in case of an issue is detected.


A simplified installation

In order to save time when installing its products, DualSun developed hydraulic connectors specific to DualSun panels : DualQuickFit connectors.

The DualQuickFit connectors are fast connectors to connect Spring panels hydraulically. There are two connectors per panel and they simply need to be clipped on to be leaktight.

_liaisons DualQuickFit panneau DualSun (3)
_liaisons DualQuickFit panneau DualSun (2)
_liaisons DualQuickFit panneau DualSun (1)

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