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Hybrid solar panels on old tiles in the Yonne (France)

Hybrid solar panels on old tiles in the Yonne (France)

At the end of 2014, this customer had a large DualSun solar installation installed at his home in Évry in the Yonne. Now, 4 hybrid solar panels and 8 photovoltaic solar panels provide hot water and electricity for this family of 3 people.

Because in 2019 solar electricity is more expensive to sell than the electricity we buy, he bet on solar energy, a solution that is simple to install and interesting from an economic and ecological point of view!

On the roof of the house, the solar panels are integrated into the tiles. This was the custom until 2018, since then the solar panels are installed on the roof in the majority of cases.

This family wanted to resell the electricity it produces. It signed a contract with EDF OA. The latter undertakes to buy back its photovoltaic electricity from it at the rate in force in 2014, the date on which they signed their contract. At the same time, they will therefore have to buy their electricity from the network.

For its part, the hot water they benefit from with the DualSun hybrid panels is directly self-consumed on site!

This family relies on the performance of the DualSun solar panel to make the installation profitable quickly.

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Technical Information

CharacteristicsHouse of 3 people
Number of solar panels4 DualSun hybrid panels + 8 photovoltaic panels
Power output3kWc + 1,5kWth
Roof installationIn-roof (EASYROOF system), south-west orientation, 45° inclination
Thermal system200L tank with gas boiler boosters
Photovoltaic systemTotal sale of electricity
Installation date


production electrique solaire yonne 2018

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