For Jean-Marc, solar energy is an investment that quickly pays for itself - Belcodène (FR)

  • 2023
  • Belcodène , France
  • Power output : 6 kWp
  • Panels : 14 photovoltaic

Jean Marc lives with his wife and child in a beautiful 250m2 house in Belcodène, near Marseille. Having seen the price of electricity rise year on year, he decided to have 14 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic solar panels installed in 2023.

He welcomed us into his home to talk about his project ⬇️

For Jean-Marc, equipping his home with 6 kWp of solar panels is a clear economic and ecological choice.

Indeed, while his annual bill before installation was in the region of €2,500, he now realizes that not only has he not been hit by the latest 35% rise in electricity prices observed at the beginning of 2023, but that, with the resale of his surplus, he has been reimbursed!

According to Jean-Marc, the situation is simple, and there’s no question about profitability: “If you put the lifespan of the panels into perspective in relation to the investment, you know that the lifespan will more than cover the investment, and that profitability will have been assured for several years already”.

Jean-Marc was also able to take advantage of the €2,220 government subsidy for self-consumption. The ecological aspect then reinforced his choice.

The hardest part of the project? Deciding! Because once the decision was made, putting it into practice was very easy. Jean-Marc used the MyDualSun simulator to configure his project: power required, number of panels, layout to be chosen in relation to the orientation of the roof… Then, one contact with a DualSun partner installer and a technical visit later, and the project was launched.

Jean-Marc was very satisfied with the 3-day project: the DualSun partner installer was very attentive and took care of all the administrative formalities.

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The choice of DualSun

Of all the solar panel brands out there, Jean-Marc wanted DualSun panels because it was a company he’d met 8 years earlier on the Internet, when he was interested in our SPRING hybrid solar innovation, “so DualSun was a brand, and a company that showed innovation. Since then, it has established itself over the long term and grown, so I found it reassuring to call on this local company”.

Monitoring solar production

Jean-Marc’s installation is self-consumption, with resale of the surplus. To monitor his consumption, he consults an application installed by his partner installer, which tracks solar panel production in real time, as well as consumption. An exciting tool for tracking savings!

Technical information

Characteristics House
Number of panels 14 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 6 kWp
Rooftop installation Tiled roof, south-facing, 30° pitch
Photovoltaic system Micro-inverters, self-consumption with sale of surplus electricity