Energy autonomy for a building – Switzerland (CH)

  • 2017
  • Aigle, Switzerland
  • Power output : 8,12kWp + 10,85kWth
  • Panels : 29 hybrid

A building that operates without fossil fuels is possible. It’s in Aigle in Switzerland.

On the ground floor of this building, there is a convenience store and the gendarmerie. In the middle of the building there are apartments. On the roof you can see 29 DualSun hybrid solar panels.

What are they? A small building in Aigle in the canton of Vaud which houses 60 tenants or owners. This building has been operating in energy autonomy since 2017. How does it work? In particular thanks to the installation of renewable energy equipment: solar panels, heat pumps, geothermal energy, etc.

With the DualSun solution, we can meet the multi-energy requirement while occupying a minimum of space. This is particularly important in inner-city multi-family housing, given the small surface areas involved. Daniel Lani (LidER)

It is the DualSun hybrid solar panels that made the difference. Why is that? Because they had to meet the legal requirements in force, but also because there was little room on the roof. Thus, the DualSun solar panels will be used to produce domestic hot water as well as the electricity of this building which will be self-consumed.

LidER Concept and Solexis took care of the dimensioning and installation of the roof panels. As for Gippa JJ SA, it carried out the thermal connection of the panels to the technical room (regulation, balloons, expansion tank).

On this project, both the auxiliary and heating systems are provided by a heat pump that operates on geothermal sensors.



Installer Interview

The installation was carried out by LidER Concept with the support of our distributor Solexis. We met Mr Gippa who was in charge of the thermal part of the installation. The Gippa company has been working for 4 generations and has 105 years of presence on Aigle! Currently, the company employs about thirty people, a CVS (Heating, Ventilation, Sanitary) design office and a 24-hour breakdown service. The company offers all types of heating systems, with a strong increase in demand for heat pumps and gas these days.

Why install solar panels on the building?

Julien Gippa: It’s still important to install solar panels so as not to use the heat pump or a gas or oil system in the summer. What’s more, it’s also an obligation!

Daniel Lani (LidER): For an owner, first of all you have to meet the legal requirements and, as already mentioned by Mr. Gippa, the idea of also valorising the heat input for this building was a decisive element compared to a purely PV solution.

Why install DualSun 2-in-1 solar panels?

Julien Gippa: Because on this project, balconies and windows take up space on the available roof surface, so we needed a compact system such as the DualSun system.

Daniel Lani (LidER): With the DualSun solution, we can meet the multi-energy needs while occupying a minimum of space. This is very important in the collective housing located in the city centre in view of the limited areas involved.

How did you hear about DualSun?

First through the website, then I learned that LidER Concept as a DualSun partner could provide the panels and the whole photovoltaic part, so it was easy.

How did the installation go?

It was the first time we installed DualSun so we had to look at the specifics of the system. It was also necessary to optimize the roof surface with several separate fields of panels, which was not always simple but everything went well.

What vision do you have of solar energy 20 years from now?

I hope that in 20 years time we will have 60-70% of our energy needs covered by solar energy. In the canton of Vaud we are already well on the way because it is compulsory. People complain that it is expensive, but on a 1 million franc villa, spending 15,000 francs on solar energy is nothing.
So the obligation is a good thing, but we should also look at subsidies to install solar energy on existing housing.

In your opinion, why develop solar energy?

Because as long as there is a profitability it is already interesting and important. In Switzerland we lack a bit of sunshine, so it’s a pity, but we also want to get out of nuclear power. We would need more subsidies for that. I think we will come to that because it is a renewable energy that is relatively easily available. So there is the economy dimension and the nature preservation dimension.

Would you recommend DualSun to your family and friends?

Yes, in fact we have a second construction site for a villa. 

Technical information

Characteristics Building with 60 occupants
Number of panels 29 DualSun Hybrid Panels
Power output 8,12kWp + 10,85kWth
Rooftop installation In-roof integration (EASYROOF system)
Thermal system Thermal connection of the panels to the technical room (regulation, storage tanks, expansion tank) : Gippa JJ SA
2 storage tanks 1500L - 1 Vistron FSX solar storage tank and 1 Unitec storage tank, 1 Vistron 1500L accumulator, Add-on made by an Elco geothermal heat pump, Elco Logon B Sol regulation
Photovoltaic system 29 Micro-inverters In-phase, total self-consumption of electricity