In Bouc-Bel-Air, he's installing 3 kWp to start with, with plans to go up to 6 kWp later

  • 2022
  • Bouc Bel Air, France
  • Power output : 3 kWp
  • Panels : 8 photovoltaic
3- bouc-bel-air-panneaux-solaire-pv

Christian had 3 kWp of DualSun solar panels installed in September 2022. Together with his installer, he has put everything in place to be able to increase his output to 6 kWp in the near future, once he’s got the hang of his installation! 

A look back at this project in Bouc-Bel-Air, Bouches-du-Rhône.

As part of his ecological approach, Christian took advantage of the fact that his 150 m2 house, facing north-south, has a large available roof surface to install 8 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic solar panels for self-consumption.

This enables him to absorb part of his electricity needs, including recharging his electric vehicle.

His ecological approach goes further than just solar production, as he is also careful to limit his water consumption.

His solar project will pay for itself in ten years’ time, but with energy prices on the rise, Christian felt it was time to do something about it. It’s his way of doing his bit.

Even if the 3 kWp are not enough today, especially at peak times, to absorb all his electricity needs, Christian and his wife left themselves the option of increasing the power to 6 kWp: “We’ve planned all the cables, we’ll just have to add the solar panels” he says.

The solar installation went smoothly, with everything done in 1 ½ days. The choice to install DualSun panels was suggested by our partner installer. By happy coincidence, Christian’s wife, a journalist, had previously done a report on our company!

Christian says he’s satisfied for the time being. Naturally, he’s waiting for the year’s results to give him a fuller picture. Thanks to the ability to track his solar output via the smartphone application, he has realized that the panels produce less in winter. This real-time monitoring also helps him to become aware of his electricity consumption in general, independently of the solar panels. This generates a real desire to optimize consumption with production.


“I recommend DualSun and the installer, who are necessarily involved in the process, especially since the panels come with a 25-year warranty.”

Technical information

Characteristics House
Number of panels 8 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 3 kWp
Rooftop installation Roof overlay, south-facing, 30° pitch
Photovoltaic system APS System DSL 3 microinverters, self-consumption of electricity