326 DualSun panels for the solar pool at St Lucia University in Brisbane, Australia

  • 2021
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Panels : 326 hybrid

Another great project for DualSun at St Lucia University in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with our partner Supreme Heating,

Inaugurated in 2017, the 25m long swimming pool of the University of St Lucia was heated all year round at 29°C. But in January 2021, it was equipped with 326 DualSun SPRING solar panels.

The goal of this installation is to continue to heat the 3 pools on site but in a much more ecological and economical way.

Our hybrid solar panels were installed on rails in a few days. The hot water produced will heat the water in the pools while the electricity will be used for site needs!

The Heatseeker DualSun system provided the University with an initial 90% offset on all associated heating. And, with energy prices expected to rise, the site will become 100% renewable.

More broadly, solar energy is at the heart of life at the university, as more than 10,000 solar panels are currently on the roofs of the St. Lucia campus. More than 30 buildings are equipped with solar installations to harness clean energy, a great example to follow!

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Technical information

Characteristics Collective pool
Number of panels 326 DualSun SPRING hybrid solar panels
Rooftop installation In Roof