Hybrid solar panels for pool heating with Heatseeker DualSun - Bairnsdale (AU)

  • 2018
  • Bairnsdale, Australia
  • Power output : 10,08 kWp + 28,58 kWth
  • Panels : 36 hybrids

We are thrilled to announce that the first DualSun installation in Australia has been successfully completed by our local partner Supreme Heating (with many more installations progress!). 36 Spring hybrid panels were installed for heating the pool of a home near Melbourne.

The customer had initially contacted Supreme because they were dissatisfied with their existing pool heating solution and wanted to replace the grossly undersized evacuated tube solar pool heating installation. The swimming pool is heavily shaded from the house and exposed to high winds, eliminating a pool cover as a viable option for effective pool heating.

Moreover, the customer was also considering the installation of a solar PV system to reduce their large electricity bill, with an average household consumption of 95kWh/day. Assessing both the customer’s pool heating requirements and electricity concerns, Supreme Heating proposed a two-in-one solution providing adequate heating for the swimming pool while also greatly reducing electricity expenses.

Supreme Heating designed a solution consisting of a 10.08kWp Heatseeker DualSun PV/T solar system (36 panels, 60m²) coupled with a 40m² Heatseeker Plus traditional strip solar system to meet the heating requirements of the pool.

The Heatseeker DualSun system generates an average of 40kWh/day, covering 42% of the daily household electricity consumption, equating to savings of $3,650/year!

The solar thermal outputs create acceptable swimming conditions during the warmer period of late November until late March (remember, we’re in the Southern hemisphere!) with pool temperatures reaching 28-32°C.

The equivalent running cost of using an inverter heat pump to create the same energy outputs of the solar system would be $3,300/year, negating the benefit of the electrical savings provided by a standard PV system.

*Savings data based on the alternate use of an inverter heat pump with a COP of 6 and an electricity tariff of 25c/kWh heating the pool from November to March to temperatures of 28-32°C. Savings data does not account for inflation.

Technical information

Characteristics Family of 4 people
Number of panels 36 DualSun hybrid panels (60m2) + 40m2 Heatseeker Plus collectors
Power output 10,08 kWp + 28,58 kWth
Rooftop installation Onroof
Photovoltaic system SolarEdge SE8K Three Phase Inverter