18 panneaux hybrides sur un immeuble en centre ville - Genève (CH)

  • 2016
  • Genève, Suisse
  • Power output : 4,5kWc + 6,73kWth
  • Panels : 18 hybrid

For 20 years, they had been heating their domestic hot water with a thermal system.

Today, they’re putting their faith in innovation by replacing the panels with PV/T hybrid solar power.

We’re in Geneva, in the heart of the city, on the roof of a 6-storey apartment building housing around thirty people. They may not realize it, but since 2018, they’ve been producing their hot water and electricity renewably, thanks to 18 DualSun hybrid solar panels.


The new solar thermal is the hybrid

This building was already equipped with thermal panels. However, after 20 years in service, the system was reaching the end of its useful life and was experiencing overheating problems.

➡️ No overheating with DualSun


The installation of 18 hybrid solar panels on this building will serve two purposes:

  • Firstly, to preheat domestic hot water
  • Secondly, to supply electricity to the building’s common areas and to the adjoining building owned by the same owner. The electricity will be consumed directly on site.

The installation went smoothly and was supervised by Julien Destré, Technical Director of Prime Energy.



Interview with the installer

Prime Energy started out as a financing company for PV power plants, then diversified into the installation of solar panels in Switzerland and the sale of turnkey solar systems. Jean-Paul Ros, Renewable Energy Advisor at Prime Energy Service.

“The quick-connect aspect was very simple – a child could do it! After that, the rest wasn’t complicated at all, because we were working on existing structures and already had all the pipes on the roof. For the installation, we used the existing roof structures, which were sound and reinforced with K2 system elements. DualSun’s explanations were very clear, and both the technical documentation and the training I received from Solexis (our distributor, editor’s note) were extremely useful. I was able to supervise part of the thermal work without being a specialist.”

In your opinion, why develop solar energy?

Because it’s free, inexhaustible energy, and because it’s obvious! The sun floods us with its benevolence and generosity, so we have to take advantage of it!”

In 20 years’ time, what’s your vision of solar energy?

“Within 20 years necessity will be the law, and developers will be obliged to put solar on buildings. Solar thermal energy was the first ecological energy source for buildings. Today, with photovoltaics and low-consumption devices such as heat pumps, LEDs and all these appliances, we know that in 20 years’ time there will be photovoltaic panels on every roof. All homes will have in-house production, and also storage with a certain degree of autonomy. Personally, I hope to see all the power lines disappear. They won’t disappear completely, but they’ll diminish.”

First thing that comes to mind when you hear “2-in-1”?

“In 2-in-1, I hear ‘economy’ and ‘smart technology’!”

Technical information

Characteristics immeuble de 30 personnes
Number of panels 18 panneaux hybrides DualSun
Power output 4,5kWc + 6,73kWth
Rooftop installation Intégration en toiture (système K2), orientation sud-ouest, inclinaison 35°
Thermal system 2 ballons 800L de la marque Cipag, appoint PAC air-eau Elco, Régulation Trend
Photovoltaic system 18 micros-onduleurs Enphase, autoconsommation de l’électricité