Hybrid solar installation on an 18th century building - Lot (FR)

  • 2014
  • Gorses, France
  • Power output : 1kWc + 2,24kWth
  • Panels : 6 hybrids

In 2003, Mr. and Mrs. Labarthe decided to change their lives and move to the north of the Lot, known for its cold temperatures. From there, they renovated an old inn dating from the 18th century. In fact, it was the former relay of a departmental inn that they have rebuilt, taking care to respect the original materials. Their estate is now called Lou Borie del ritou.

Since December 2014, Mr. and Mrs. Labarthe have been equipped with DualSun hybrid solar panels. After calculation of the exact dimensioning by our engineers, the company PANOSOL’ installed 6 hybrid panels on the roof.

This system provides them simultaneously with photovoltaic electricity and thermal hot water for self-consumption.

An installation in total self-consumption

Nathalie and Jean-Christophe Labarthe have been producing and selling foie gras, magret and other duck products since 2007. Thanks to their rillettes, they even won 3rd place at the Paris 2015 agricultural competition. They distinguished themselves brilliantly in front of 4500 candidates.

Mr and Mrs Labarthe have opted for total self-consumption, for their house and farm premises. This allows them to directly consume the electricity they produce.

It is important to know that in this type of configuration, there is always an obligation of declaration to the town hall, an operating agreement and someone to validate the electrical conformity of the installation.


Characteristics of the installation

On this project, the DualSun hybrid panels are connected to a Wagner balloon with a capacity of 300L. In addition, when there is not enough sunlight and insufficient solar energy, the balloon takes over thanks to its electric booster, always guaranteeing the household the necessary resources. The SMA inverter converts direct current into alternating current. Only alternating current can be used in the house.

The installation of the panels is on-roof, they are attached to the existing roof.

In the countryside, DualSun hybrid panels do not go unnoticed. Enough to give neighbours or visitors ideas while they eat their foie gras at the Labarthe’s!



Interview with the installer

We asked a few questions to Paul Leondaridis, CEO of PANOSOL’ (until 2017), the company in charge of installing our solar panels in a foie gras production facility in Gorses, in the Lot.

In your opinion, why develop (or not) solar energy?

The sun is a gift of nature! It is first of all the thermal properties of the sun that have been exploited by man. Through greenhouses for food, then more recently with solar water heaters. Recently, photovoltaics has become more widespread and can now be offered on an industrial scale to private individuals.

Photovoltaic energy is a renewable energy that is very complementary to fossil fuels, whose extraction is increasingly complicated. It makes it possible to reduce and limit the risks of pollution and environmental disasters.

From an economic point of view, solar energy offers the possibility to decentralize the production of electricity or heat. This has the advantages of developing local employment and reducing the country’s energy dependence.

It is therefore necessary to continue to develop solar energy for two main reasons:

  • For the appropriation of energy by the individual as final consumer
  • Because it is a factor in boosting economic growth and protecting the environment.

How do you imagine solar energy in 20 years’ time?

At PANOSOL’, we are very optimistic about the future of solar energy. Saying what will be there in 20 years is not easy, but we are convinced that this technology will continue to become more popular. In what form? Probably every building will have its own installation. And thanks to the development of smart grids, we will find a real economic advantage to a predominantly self-consuming production, where the actual consumption would be supplemented by a minimum supply from the grid. Line losses would be considerably reduced.

If I say “2-in-1”, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Simplicity. I won’t hide the fact that my answer is somewhat influenced by the principle of your DualSun module.

What do you think of the DualSun solution?

At PANOSOL’ we want to keep a critical and objective opinion on the equipment we integrate into our catalogue. As an advisor and installer, we act as an intermediary between manufacturers and private individuals. We recommend solutions for our customers.

We have selected the DualSun panel because it is innovative and has many advantages for the private individual. We are convinced that it will be one of our flagship products, given its long-term benefits and its very good performance thanks to its monitoring tool.


Technical information

Characteristics House of 2 persons
Number of panels 6 DualSun Hybrid Panels
Power output 1kWc + 2,24kWth
Rooftop installation In-roof
Thermal system 300L water tank, electric booster
Photovoltaic system Central inverter SMA, self-consumption of electricity