88 solar panels on a Première Classe hotel in Istres

  • 2023
  • Istres, France
  • Power output : 35 kWp
  • Panels : 88 photovoltaic panels

The owner of the First Class Hotel in Istres installed 88 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic solar panels in January 2023! More than enough to compensate for the year’s electricity consumption!

What’s driving more and more hotel owners to go solar?

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From the point of view of energy independence: solar panels will enable this hotel owner to become more energy self-sufficient. Indeed, by generating his own renewable electricity, he will reduce his dependence on the electricity grid. And that’s a big advantage with electricity prices on the rise!

In terms of savings, with this 35 kWp solar installation in self-consumption with sale of the surplus, the energy savings will be felt immediately. This will translate into savings on electricity bills in the long term, since DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels are guaranteed to deliver around 85% of nominal photovoltaic power after 25 to 35 years in operation!

How long do DualSun SPRING and FLASH solar panels last?

Financial incentives: In France, there are many incentives available to encourage the installation of solar panels, such as subsidies and tax credits. These incentives help reduce installation costs and accelerate return on investment!

Finally, from an image point of view, using solar energy reduces your carbon footprint and contributes to the energy transition, so it’s good for everyone!

In fact, installing solar panels on a hotel sends a positive message to guests, demonstrating a commitment to the environment. More and more people are sensitive to environmental issues, and choosing a hotel that uses clean energy can be a selection criterion for many guests!

Technical information

Characteristics Hotel
Number of panels 88 DualSun FLASH photovoltaic panels
Power output 35 kWp
Rooftop installation Flat roof, south-facing, 30° slope
Photovoltaic system Sofar Solar 33KTLX-G3 central inverter, self-consumption with sale of surplus electricity