158 DualSun hybrid panels regenerate the floor and preheat the geothermal heat pumps (and DHW) on 4 residences - Luxembourg (LUX)

  • 2018
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg
  • Power output : 39,5kWc + 59,09kWth
  • Panels : 158 solar panels

We are in Luxembourg, rue de l’Avenir. Here, 4 brand new residences emerge from the ground. Even if all the apartments are not yet occupied, they are already equipped with high quality energy production equipment.

In addition to the installation of 158 DualSun hybrid solar panels, a number of technical solutions have been added. Geothermal baskets 6 m deep, ERS (Energy Recovery System) installations and Canadian air and water wells!

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“The buildings are avant-garde in their fields, highly energy efficient and technically complex, without being self-sufficient”, says Gabbana’s technical manager, Mr. Patrick de Almeida in an interview with NeoMag.

Residence Avenir has put a lot of emphasis on living comfort and sustainable development and the result is beautiful to see. It is a real energy bouquet that is set up and duplicated on the 4 buildings that make it up. A monitoring system is deployed to follow the production and consumption of energy on site.

For example, all hot water is supplied by renewable energy equipment. Thus, on each roof, around 40 DualSun hybrid solar panels regenerate the geothermal baskets and support the ERS heat recovery system.

On the hot water side, the ERS system provides for the installation of a tank of more than 300 litres that recovers grey water. At the same time, a 12 kW heat pump will draw energy from this tank. This pump will then return the energy drawn to two 500-litre hot water tanks.

In addition to this, on the heating side, on each building, the geothermal baskets regenerated by the DualSun hybrid panels will serve a heat pump. And the efforts don’t stop there, since the rainwater will be used to feed the toilets and water the garden!

These exemplary buildings are our first large-scale experiment with geothermal coupling in Luxembourg. Other equivalent installations are being replicated in Luxembourg, for example on the Westbay real estate project.

To find out more, see our articles: a building equipped with DualSun is double winner of the Green Solutions Awards 2018.

Technical information

Characteristics 4 multi-family buildings
Number of panels 158 DualSun Spring hybrid panels
Power output 39,5kWc + 59,09kWth
Rooftop installation Terrace installation (K2 S-Dome system)
Thermal system Geothermal baskets, geothermal heat pumps, ERS system (grey water recovery)
Photovoltaic system 158 Micro-inverters In-phase, total electricity sales